MJ Tribute (MoVernie LIVE On Stage) @ Dundas Square



My entourage and I arrived at Dundas Square at around 8 p.m.  At that time, the Square was crowded already.  The crowd stretched across the street to Eaton Centre.  Cars were slowly approaching the intersection.  There were basically no way for cars to go and no space for the crowd to go.  We were standing so far away from the stage that we couldn’t see any performers at all.

DSC05320We were about to call it the night.  But before we leave, we wanted to walk around the Square to check out the place.  When we approached the back stage, I saw the gate was opened and I wanted to check out the performers at the Square.  When I saw kids were dancing on the stage, I told my entourage to follow me to the stage. You know me, there is always something special with MoVernie.  Indeed, it was, DJ spinning MJ hit songs and people of all ages were breaking down their dance moves on the stage.


The host, Big Norm was trying to hype up the crowd.  I must say, Big Norm did an amazing job to get the crowd going all night long.  I was basically standing behind Big Norm, overlooking the sea of people facing our way.  Wow! Unbelievable experience, I felt like I was on a ColdPlay concert stage, performing to the crowd.  I wasn’t scared by the large crowd at all.  In fact, we were all having a great time, busting down our moves in front of the crowd, on TV, on videos and on any social media you could think of.


We were dancing for 3+ hours on the stage.  Rain started to fall at the late hours but we got a roof on the stage.  But surprisingly, the crowd at the ground level were soaked and wet, yet they still enjoying themselves.  That’s how much MJ’s music, art, culture had influenced us all.


Dancing on the stage felt like I was clubbing outdoors.  No lineups, no coat check, nice cool breeze and free of charge.  Couldn’t ask for anything more.  People of all ages including kids were break dancing and showing off their unbelievable moonwalk moves.

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With the unexpected crowd on the stage, the hosts and volunteers had to ask everyone to move back to create space for the special feature, which was the Dance Crew “X Rated” MJ tribute performance.  Their performances brought down the house and push the climax to the maximum level.


Good times! The best ever Canada Day celebration for me ever!  It was unexpected bonus event.  I was standing far away from the stage to being on stage in a split of minutes.  What a night to remember.  I hope this MJ Tribute event will happen every year!


Check out the videos and more exclusive photos below.

Click here… You Tube Videos: Break Dance Videos

Click here…You Tube Videos: Dance Crew "X Rated"



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