2013 BeatDown Dance Competition – MoVernie Interview


This afternoon, I had another interview with the organizers of 2013 Beat Down Dance Competition, David Reginald Forteau and Dennis Truong. In my last interview, Gregory from C2 Genesis was showing me some dance moves which I was Epic Fail with no talent whatsoever with no dancing skills.

In this upcoming interview, two dance crews showed me their hard work, dedication and their chreographed dance moves. They are all getting ready for the dance competition, so they are rehearsing at the RightFoot Dance Studio.

Tickets are on sale for the Beat Down competition with special guest judges from various TV Dance Crew series. This special event will be held on Saturday, August 10 at Ryerson Theatre.

I will be there as audience (since I suck at dancing).

I am running a MoVernie contest, the winner will win a pair of Beat Down Competition tickets (value at $50 for the pair), it’s great value.

Sharky directing how the BeatDown interview with MoVernie part 2 should be done

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