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For the second consecutive year, I was invited by Ford Canada to attend the 2016 Ford North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Digital Summit. It’s an Exclusive VIP Event organized by Ford Motors, flying in the selected Digital Influencers from around the world to meet together and cover one of the largest North American Auto Shows in the world that is happening from January 11-24, 2016. I was one of the lucky exclusive Canadian Digital Influencers representing Canada.

It’s a 3-day Media Trip Event. First of all, let me start off with a summary of my Ford NAIAS Day-1 Itinerary so that you have a bigger picture of how my media event went.

Day 3 – Ford NAIAS Media Trip

1) Woke up early at around 7:00 am to walk into the atrium to grab breakfast and meet with other Influencers.

2) There was a breakfast buffet stations with goodies such as scrambled eggs, bacon, fruits, yogurt, etc. There was also a omelette station where a chef can cook it on the spot. I luv my eggs dearly so I ordered two sunny-side up eggs.

3) Went back to my hotel room, changed my clothes and grabbed my equipment and hopped onto the coach bus. We were heading back to the Cobo Center for the 2nd consecutive day to cover the North American International Auto Show. Also, Lincoln was having its presentation in the morning, unveiling its latest product.


4) Lincoln announced that the flagship name plate “Continental” that played an important role back in the days is BACK! The luxurious and gorgeous 2017 Lincoln Continental was unveiled at NAIAS.


5) Walked around the auto show further to capture more video footage and photos to share to my followers.

6) Went to Ford Blue Oval HQ to grab lunch and beverages.


7) Also went and grab coffee and snacks from other car brands throughout the auto show. At this event, I learned one thing. We will never encounter any shortage of food or beverages, coz almost every car brands have its own coffee and food stations. They surely treat the media very nicely.

8) Went back to the Ford Blue Oval HQ to check out the Ford products.

9) Mark Fields, the CEO of Ford greeted the Digital Influencers, thanked everyone for coming to Detroit and attended the auto show. He also answered many of our questions during the chat. What I like about the chat was that it was very informal and casual. Everyone gathered around in circles and asked Mark questions. It was very calm, relax and enjoyable.

10) Took a photo with Mark Fields, Toronto represents!


(Photo: Davindra Ramnarine)


11) Hopped on the coach bus and returned back to the Westin Hotel.

12) Went to my room to pack up my belongings.

13) Went downstairs to the restaurant to grab dinner before I headed back to Toronto a few hours later.

14) It was so convenient walking from the Westin Hotel to the airport. Went to Duty Free to grab something and also bought some Power Ball Tickets.



15) Landed back to Toronto Pearson Airport. Home Sweet Home!

16) Took the UP Express Train from Terminal 1 Pearson Airport and went to Union Station.


I would like to use this opportunity to thank you Ford Motors and Ford Canada for inviting me the second consecutive time to attend this wonderful FordNAIAS Media Trip. Every time, the itinerary is different and I enjoyed every part of the experience!

In particular, I would like to thank Craig Silva and Anson Dixon, the Ford Canada Social Media Team for the wonderful hospitality and assistance during this Ford NAIAS Media Trip.

As always, I am very grateful and thankful of every opportunity that comes to me.

End of Day 3 of my MoVernie Ford NAIAS Media Trip.

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And MoVernie is outta here!

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