2017-18 Toronto Raptors Season – MoVernie Prediction


NBA Peeps! It’s that time of the season again! Another new NBA regular season. Every year, my followers will ask me where do I think the Toronto Raptors is going to finish in the standings and whether the only Canadian team in the NBA can make the playoffs.

My prediction for the Toronto Raptors for the 2017-18 NBA season? For sure they are going to make the playoffs but I think they will  finish 5th in the standings. Are you surprise? I think most people will put the Raptors higher up in the standings, perhaps finishing 3rd or some may even think they can finish 1st in the Eastern Conference.

MoVernie Toronto Raptors Prediction: Making the playoffs and finishing 5th in the Eastern Conference

Here are my reasons for picking the Toronto Raptors to finish 5th in the Eastern Conference:

  1. If you tell me that the Raptors will finally axe Coach Casey and finally having a new voice to lead its players, utilizing their potentials and have better set plays other than the predictable ISO plays he is so in love with, then I would have given the Raptors a higher spot. But with the same old Casey voice that leads to “same shit, different packaging”, then there is no chance.
  2. Now, some peeps may wonder, “MoVernie, if you think the Raptors are basically going to the same old team, then why don’t you rank them even lower than the 5th spot.”. Well…some other NBA teams in the Eastern Conference got worse, so there are more shitty teams the Raptors can savage on, so making Raptors still maintaining a playoff spot. Teams such as the Pistons, the Knicks, the Pacers (now without Paul George) will be even worse off, so Raptors making the playoffs is a safe bet.
  3. Other NBA teams in the Eastern Conference got stronger and have better coaching staff to maximize their players potential than Coach Casey & the Raptors. I strongly believe the Miami Heat, Washington Wizards and even Milwaukee Bucks will finish better than the Toronto Raptors.

Anyhow, what’s your prediction of the Toronto Raptors this year? Do you finish they can upset the Cleveland Cavailers and Lebron James and finish first place?

Tell me your prediction. I am always curious to hear from other Raptors fans.

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And MoVernie is outta here!


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