Pick 6ix Restaurant (Toronto) – Is This Rapper Drake’s OVO Latest Venture?


Recently, there are a lot of buzz from peeps, wondering if the 6 Pick restaurant (under construction) is the latest venture invested by the local famous rapper, Drake (aka Drizzy). The reason is that the venue is being fenced up with black boards showing “6 Pick” in gold and underneath the logo shows the famous OVO logo (famous owl graphic).

No one knows what type of cuisine is being served at 6 Pick nor anyone knows when this restaurant is going to be ready and open to the public but anticipation will be huge since peeps are speculating this is a restaurant invested by Drake.

In case you want to visit the site and want to check it out, the site is located between Yonge & Wellington Street East, formerly the Houston Steakhouse that is now closed down. So the 6 Pick crew just recently blocked off the premises with the black board and it will take sometime for the designers to come in and design the decor and layout.

This restaurant space is big and has a nice bar area. You can even enter it from the inside of the corporate building that is attached to the restaurant or you can enter through the patio area. The only drawback of this space is the bad patio with no natural sunlight passing through. It has no open air as it’s located underneath the concrete roof of the corporate building. So, it’s not as ideal. But anyhow, we all know anything Drake touches will turn gold, so we will see what 6 Pick is going to look like.

Stay tuned. If I see any progress or know any updates, I will let you guys know.


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