A Corner Cafe – Markham, Ontario, Canada


I was goggling to find what cafe is near our house and A Corner Cafe was a choice that pops up and after reading some reviews, decided to give it a try with my family.

I honestly thought all units in this plaza (located across Markville Shopping Mall) is small until I walked into this cafe to realize it has decent space. We came here at around 2:30 PM so we luck out with our own table and booth. I noticed on our table there was a sign that said “we can’t accommodate to change seats/tables for you”, it’s a bit of an unusual message but as I looked at the long cafeteria-like table beside us, I could understand why some patrons may first sat at the communal looking table and later wanted to switch to a booth as it’s more private and have your own space. I sure don’t want to sit at the communal table with my gf if I want to share a convo, I think that’s the only layout drawback here.

Coffee was nice and hot which we prefer, however, it was a bit unusual that server didn’t ask us how we like our coffee, whether if we need cream/milk, so we thought she would bring them upon when coffee is being served. Nope, cream/milk never came so we had to flag down another staff for it. Not a big deal but I would think it’s a very common question for a server to probe how we like our coffee. On a side note, I did appreciate a bottle of water to serve to us by default, which was a nice touch as I drink lots of water.

We ordered a matcha ice cream with red bean waffles. Waffles were nice and fresh and the stacking of the waffles was photogenic for social media.

I ordered a shrimp with mushroom pasta with cream sauce, that was tasty and they gave a good number of shrimps and the sauce was just on-point, not too much and not too little.

Price are reasonable and good portion. I would come back but fingers crossed that we continue to get an individual table or booth. I can’t stand those communal long bench dining table.

A Corner Cafe – Markham, Ontario, Canada
Address: 4981 Hwy 7 UNIT 11, Unionville, ON L3R 1N1
Phone: (289) 800-0154


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