A Landscape Journey Photography Exhibition Featuring Award Winning Hong Kong Photographer Kelvin Yuen



On the MOVE to Stackt Market as the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office invited guests to the opening ceremony of “A Landscape Journey”, a photography exhibition showcasing the stunning landscape photographs by Hong Kong and award-winning photographer Kelvin Yuen.

At the opening ceremony, representatives from various Hong Kong Tourism Organizations made their introductory speech and Kelvin Yuen greeted the guests and conducted interviews with various news outlets to talk about his photography book and his photography exhibitions.

What’s make this event special is also the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Hong Kong as a Special Administrative Region.

Moreover, Toronto Chef Trevor Lui prepared some of the Hong Kong style food items such as the iconic curry fishballs, pineapple butter bread, egg tarts, ramen, shrimp toasts and cold milk tea from Marathon Tea made perfect combo for such occasion.

The weather was perfect with sunny blue sky and it worked well with the indoor art exhibits and outdoor venue space for people to mix and mingle.

Stackt Market is a great venue space as we could see the CN Tower as the backdrop, artsy containers throughout the venue and lots of foot traffic for people to drink beer at the Belgian Moon Brewery and got to check out this art gallery.

Furthermore at the open ceremony was a display of a good selections of photography work contributed by The Chinese Canadian Photographic Society of Toronto (CCPST). They displayed some good natural landscapes found in all parts of Canada.

@kelvin_yuen_ amazing photo exhibition is open to the public at Stackt Market until October 16, 2022.

Kelvin’s photography exhibition is being showcased in 5 Canadian cities including Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary, please click here to find out more about these locations.

Stackt Market – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Address: 28 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5V 0C6
Google Maps: https://g.page/stacktmarket?share

More about Kelvin Yuen: At the age of nineteen in 2015, Kelvin won the distinguished “National Geographic International Photo Contest”, one of the most iconic photo competitions in the world. The Hong Kong-born artist has travelled all over the world, but to him Hong Kong is a photographer’s paradise and a city unlike any other. His accomplishments as a photographer have earned him the title of “International Landscape Photographer of The Year” in 2020, and the Judge of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2021.

As I slowly check out Kelvin’s work, it’s impressive, he travelled lots and visited so many destinations along the way around the world. In particular, what impresses me the most is when he will visit some of these destinations in the summer, he will do his research, scout around the area and region and he will return back to the same destination again in the winter to capture the “moments”. And as we know, behind each picture, there will be special stories and memories, some of these photos will require Kelvin’s time and efforts, in fact, some pictures may take him many many hours in order to capture the special moment. Mad respect!



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