Air Canada – Airbus A220 – All About Innovations


This morning, I was at the Air Canada A220 Open House Event at the Air Canada Headquarter here in Montreal, Quebec. During this event, the media got to meet with the Air Canada executives, pilots, engineering design team, the flight attendants and the people who work on this new aircraft.

In this MoVernie BLOG, let me highlight some of the key innovation features about this new 137 passengers Airbus A220 aircraft that is built in Quebec, Canada.

Airbus A220 – All About Innovation

  • Clean-Sheet Design – This Airbus A220 has a clean-sheet design which incorporates a latest generation flight deck with fly-by-wire and geared turbofan engines which translates to offering the perfect comfort and airline performance
  • 20% improvement in fuel burn per seat
  • Complements the Airbus A320 family with a lower cost per trip aircraft
  • 19″ wide Economy seats for more personal space (to me, this is a HUGE plus for the passenger, most other aircrafts offer 17″ or 18″ wide seats, 19″ seat by this A220 is best in its class (at the moment).
  • Spacious overhead bins
  • Airbus A220 is the quietest aircraft in its category and NOx emissions are 50% below CAEP/6 standards

NOTE: The INFO about the innovations found in this new Airbus A220 was provided by the Air Canada Media Team.


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