Air Canada Signature Club (Inside Scotiabank Arena) – Luxurious Restaurant & Premium Bar – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Today, I have dedicated this Sunday Funday as “Father-Son” day. My dad, aka MoDaddy luvs to watch the Toronto Raptors but it has been almost 2 years that he set foot in person to watch a live Raptors game. Well…today is the day where MoDaddy gets to watch live Raptors game once again and today’s opponent is the Brooklyn Nets, featuring Kevin Durant and James Harden.

Although we lost the game, but no worries, I got a surprise for MoDaddy. I am bringing him to the exclusive, luxurious, premium Air Canada Signature Club, located at the bottom level of the Scotiabank Arena. It is a members-only section, however, today, I got Exclusive VIP access to eat and drink here. This place is flat out gorgeous, it’s so luxurious and premium here. I luv the furniture, the interior design and the layout, it’s super modern yet luxurious at the same time. This space is huge! There are so many sections. My personal favourite spot? The bar area where we sit on the high stools and just admiring the multi-levels of whiskeys on display. I luv the golden accent throughout the entire place. The vibes and ambience are top notch here.

Guests at the Air Canada Signature Club can easily access to the Leafs or Raptors game through this tunnel filled with bottles of wine on both sides of the cellar. You pushed both doors and voila, you can see the centre court. We took a picture together with my dad. He is all smile.

Then, as we sat down at the bar area, in comes Chef Lukas who I have known for many years now from a mutual friend. I haven’t seen Chef Lukas for so long and it’s nice to see him in person and knowing he works here at the Air Canada Signature Club, the place where my beloved Toronto Raptors play.

Chef Lukas brought out some amazing high quality snacks bites, just perfect after the Raptors game. The first dish was the fried calamari with nice lemon juice and dipping sauce. The second plate filled with capres, peppers and crostini. And those prosciutto, they were super tasty. Chef Lukas said they are high quality being imported from Spain. They were super delicious.

How do you get to the Air Canada Signature Club?

Enter through Premium Entrance B or C and go downstairs into the lowest level of the building (basement level). Walk past the Canada Goose area, down a few stairs, turn left, walk pass the washrooms, walk pass the Platinum Club restaurant hallway and enter the south platinum suite hallway. The concierge staff will check your Air Canada Signature Club ticket upon entrance.

We ordered Old Fashioned for our first round and in the second round, my dad ordered a gin & tonic and I listened to the bartender’s suggestion to get a “Last Cheer” and it was a super great choice.

What a night to go home to! Special thanks to Chef Lukas and Co. for kind invitation and for having us. My dad was super delighted and super happy for the amazing experiences. It was definitely an unforgettable father-son outing. We would definitely do it again!

Overall, Air Canada Signature Club definitely elevated the overall experience of going to a Leafs/Raptors game. You can dine and wine here prior to the game or during intermission or after the game. You just need to book the table for your dining experience.

To find out more about Air Canada Signature Club, make a reservations or FAQ, please click here.

Air Canada Signature Club (inside Scotiabank Arena) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Address: 40 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5J 2X2
Phone: (416) 815-5500


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