America’s Next Top Model, Sutherland Models & Farahri on EdgeWalk


Last year, when the EdgeWalk first started, my peeps asked me if I dare to go on it. Honestly, I am scared of heights and I joked to them that I could watch and interview them after their experiences. However, that comment somehow came true this year. Nope, my friends were too chicken to fulfill their promises, however, the beautiful, hot looking models were doing the tallest catwalk in the entire world on top of the CN Tower. They were the America’s Next Top Model All-star winner, Lisa D’Amato, Sutherland Models Search Contestants as well as International Pop Artist, Farahri.

Before the EdgeWalk, I got a chance to speak with all of them, just to see if any of them were nervous or scared about doing this EdgeWalk. Just to see if there were any last-minute bail. To my surprise, these ladies were STRONG-minded individuals, one common thing I found in all of them was that, they were all adventurous bunch of peeps! They were all looking forward to get on the EdgeWalk. I got to give them respect for that.

The moment I saw Lisa D’Amato, her nice hairstyle caught my attention. It’s an unique style that gave her that edgy look. During my interview with her, she was a very fun-loving, down-to-earth girl, full of energy and quite talkative. She was very easy going and she basically would answer any questions you throw at her. I like that. It makes my job so much easier. She was always jumping around, moving around, lightening up the crowd and the atmopshere.

Interviewing with the Sutherland Models Search contestants, Carol, Evelyn, Olivia & Heather, they were so chill as well. Great interviews with them all-around. Honestly, a lot of guys would think most of these models will be extremely high maintenance, or they will not do this and do that. WRONG! These whole bunch are energetic, photogenic and really easygoing. You could tell that they really have a great passion and their love in this fashion industry and they will find ways to maximize their experiences and enjoying every step of the way.

Interviewing the interantional pop artist Farahri was a treat as well. I really dig her hot red pants along with the stand out green high heels. She is a total package along with her talented voice and her singing abilities.
One of her great hit single, “Shake Your Body”, definitely brings out the energy in you! It’s a very upbeat, fast pace song! I luv it! My type of music. Be sure to check out Farahri, who will be performing at the America’s Next Top Model Live throughout the 3-day event.

I also got a chance to interview the ANTBLive Toronto host, Alia. She is such a plesant person to interview with. Looking forward to watch her live at the show! I also got a chance to interview Joey Bevean, the British Fashion Designer on the ANTM show. I love his British Accent, I think it’s an art and I always wish I can speak like that. Can’t wait to see his collection at the show. It’s always nice to meet new cool people.

If you have to ask me if I would ever try the EdgeWalk, my answer would be NO because I am still super scared. I think I am better off interviewing cool peeps about their experiences. No matter how much abuse I am going to receive, I will hold down my Fort. lol.

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Special thanks to Glenda Fordham, the amazing person who organized this special event. Thanks for the invitation, greatly appreciated! Follow her on twitter @FordHamPR

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Check out Farahri’s hit single, “Shake Your Body” here.


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