Art Toronto Opening Night Party 2017 – RBC VIP Lounge


Art Toronto has been happening for many many years in Toronto but this was the first time that I had attended this event. Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is a proud sponsor of Art Toronto and they reached out to me and invited me and my guest to the Opening Night Party.

Art Toronto was founded in year 2000, entering its 18th year, it becomes one of the most important annual art events in Canada. It showcase contemporary and modern artwork from Canadian and international galleries. This event provides a platform for the public, the buyers and sellers to interact with different demographics of people.

I have to admit, I ain’t any art expert or crazy die-hard art fan that knows anything about art but as always, I am always open minded and always willing to learn at different events and activities. I have to admit, I was super impressed with this Art Toronto event, especially during the opening party, it’s open bar, impressive food such as roast beef, dim sum, sushi, dessert were being served during the evening. The crowd were nicely dressed and they were classy yet very friendly.

Despite that I don’t have much knowledge about art, I was glued to many of the exhibits and artwork showcased by many leading art galleries. These were beautiful artwork from colourful paintings, top notch photography to amazing sculpture. There were even “Live Art Performance” throughout the show. I go to many events per year and this Art Toronto Opening Party was by far one of my top 5 events in 2017. It’s super organized, not overly crowded, you can really enjoy and appreciate every single art piece at the show. Staff and art gallery representatives were also very friendly to explain to us the stories behind each the art work.

In particular, Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) made some purchases that will be showcased at its own gallery in the near future. The art work shown below intrigues me. I was glued in front of this art work for a very long time. I don’t know how to explain it, I guess sometimes, there is just no explanation but just the feeling or the attraction to each art piece. I think the brightness of this photo, the outfit, the landscape and the mood that it builds up, it’s just very interesting.

This show is quite a big venue to roam around, half way through, we decided to check out the RBC VIP Lounge, at the entrance, it had a collage of colourful paintings on the ground and on the walls. It adds energy to the lounge entrance and was very inviting. As we walked inside, there were more art pieces on the wall. There were sofas, chairs, tables that we could chill and relax. I highly recommend you to check out the RBC VIP Lounge as it’s a great spot to take a breather before checking out more artwork throughout the show. Also, the lounge entrance is a perfect spot for taking selfies or group photos. Trust me, you will feel like that you have blend into a colourful world.

Special thank you to RBC for having us as the VIP guests for the Art Toronto Opening Night Party. It was an eye opener and I enjoyed the event very much. I learned alot and appreciate all the artwork by the talented artists. I would definitely check out Art Toronto in the future again.

This MoVernie BLOG was sponsored by Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.


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