Back to the Future – 2013 World Food Championships – Las Vegas, Nevada


Life, sometimes is quite a funny thing! Back in 2013, I was visiting Las Vegas to cover SEMA, one of the biggest automotive specialty products trade event in the world. During that trip, I had decided to check out the older parts of Vegas, which was the Fremont Experience.

As I took the double decker bus to Fremont, it was a nice and bright morning. With no purpose or any game plan, I just walked spantaneously along the strip. Then, I noticed there was a big setup of outdoor kitchen appliances along the strip. I would say there was about 40+ of identical setup throughout the area and chefs were cooking and baking. I was like “This is so cool! Outdoor food cooking competitions.“

So, I walked around and noticed there was a media booth. I asked the staff more about what this cooking competition was about. The friendly staff replied to me and told me that the event was called “World Food Championships“, with chefs coming from all around the world to compete in various categories such as the Best Burger, bacon and sandwiches category.

I told her that I would like to cover this event since I was here to cover the SEMA anyway. She took my business card and let me cover the event.

To be honest, fast forward to 2015, two years later, never in my mind that I was being flown to Kissimmee, Florida, to cover this same World Food Championships. It was never planned, same event, different city but same good stuff, actually, even better stuff now that it is being held in Kissimmee, Florida.

Below are some of the photos that I took during my coverage of the 2013 World Food Championships back in Vegas. It`s quite cool to look back that anything can happen and anything can be connected without you knowing or planning for it.


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