BIG Sale at ACC (Raptors, Leafs & TFC)

Alright, thanks Kat’s tweet about the BIG sale at the ACC, Gate 1 Real Sports. I made a trip or two to see what’s available. The sale started today and ends this Saturday, business hours from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Well, you know me, a die-hard Raptors, Leafs & TFC fans, just to scout around to see if there are goodies before I promote to my peeps.

I scouted around and this is a LEGIT sale. I don’t want my peeps to travel all the way down to Union Station, especially if they are living very far. So, I decided to check it out and my analysis…You got to come here ASAP and don’t wait til the last day of sale if you want good stuff.

There are stuff for mens, womens, childrens and even babies. No players’ jerseys but great quality sweaters, long-sleeves, t-shirts, hats, mittens, toys, etc.

Check out the photos and see what I got for myself & my peeps. Great for upcoming Father’s Day, birthdays or other occasions.

Spread the words.

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