Post IPW 18 Tour – Mesa Verde, Colorado


After the IPW 18 Travel Convention is over, some journalists can opt to fly home. Some others may decided to stay in Denver, Colorado for a little bit more and sightsee what this city has to offer. Meanwhile, some other journalist including myself decided to sign up the Post IPW 18 Tour. There are a number of Post IPW 18 tours available for the journalists to sign up. It’s a first come first serve basis. It’s an extension to explore some of the other cities or regions that are located outside Denver, Colorado, so that the travel agencies, media and other suppliers could familiarize themselves more about other areas that is located near Denver and thus, prepare an itinerary for their customers a well-rounded travel itinerary when they visit Colorado. As for me, I wanted to generate more content and explore the regions around Colorado.

In particular, I signed up this Post IPW 18 Tour that was 4 days and 3 nights to visit Colorado Springs, Mesa Verde and Durango. In this MoVernie BLOG, let me show you what Mesa Verde is all about.

Mesa Verde National Park is located in the southwest region of Colorado. It is known for its well-preserved Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings, the huge Cliff Palace and the historic of the communities of people who lives in this part of the area. I know a lot of people are curious about this part of the region and what Mesa Verde is all about. Let me show you around.

As our tour bus arrived at the Mesa Verde National Park, we checked into our room first. Yes, you can stay in the national park but booking the lodge, however, I highly recommend you to check for availability, as certain months of the year, the accommodation can be in high demand as I was told. You can check on my future MoVernie BLOG about my stay at the lodge. In this BLOG, let me show all the viewing sites, look out spots and all the sections that you can explore. Trust me, Mesa Verde is huge!

1st Stop: The Pithouse – The Permanent Home

At the Pithouse, we got to walk into fenced site showcasing all the artifacts that are being preserved by the National Park. It gave us a sense of the life and habits by the ancient population. We got to see the type of material being used to build the Pithouse.

2nd Stop: The Look Out (across the Cliff Palace)

Our tour bus then stopped at the Look Out, which was located right across the famous Cliff Palace. This view point was a perfect spot to take a panoramic shot of the palace. It’s a great spot!

3rd Stop: The Actual Tour of the Cliff Palace

Our tourbus dropped us off at the entrance of the Cliff Palace. We had an appointment where our tour guide will guide us to the Cliff Palace. Please note that in order to see the Cliff Palace, you had to make appointment prior to the visit. You can’t book a tour on the spot.

Please also note that the Cliff Palace during the summer months could be very hot, so please bring proper wear such as hat, sunglasses, comfy shoes, sunscreen, water to keep yourself in good shape. If you are not certain if you could perform certain physical exercise, please do not attempt to take the tour. There were certain parts that required us to climb some rocks and ladder.

Once again, I would like to thank the U.S. Travel Associations IPW for having me and I hope this trend continues as there are so much to explore in the United States and it definitely helps me meeting all the important people and at the same time opening up new opportunities for me.

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The incredible IPW 18 experience was provided by U.S. Travel Association’s IPW. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.


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