Brooklyn Nets At Barclays Centre – What Raptors Fans Need To Know


As all the Raptors fans and my followers know that I am a die-hard Raptors fan. I will travel everywhere around the world to wear my Raptors gear and give it the exposure that the Raptors deserve. Two months ago, I was in New York for the New York Fashion Week, so I had decided to catch a game at the newly built Barclays Centre. It was a Sunday evening game, Brooklyn Nets vs New Orleans Pelicans.

From the outside, the Barclays Centre has a rustic feel to it with its materials and the shape of a boat. It has the state-of-the-art TV screens that run along the entrance of the building. The moment you enter the entrance, there is a huge lobby, you feel like you are waiting to enter the main stage to watch a symphony or opera. There is also an indoor basketball court that allows the kids to play during half-time. Toronto has the 416 Drake Zone DJ section, but the DJ at Barclays Centre has it’s own super big section, all to himself and the booth lit up brightly. If you need a haircut at the Nets game, they have a barber shop.  Make sure you check out Jay-Z Rocawear Store. The Nets staff are very friendly and courteous during my visit despite knowing I am a Raptors fan.

Here is a tip to you. A lot of Nets fans take the subway which will become chaotic after the game, if you don’t live very far, a taxi ride is actually very economical. There aren’t much to do around the area, there is a Dollar Store, which is one of the sponsors for the Nets and a shopping mall, that’s about it.

As you know me, I love to share my experiences, photos and videos with the Raptors fans. I hope these photos allow you to visualize what the Barclays Centre is like. We often only get to see the Nets centre court and that’s about it. So, I want to show you the big picture.

Check out the photos that I took two months ago when I was at the Brooklyn Nets vs New Orleans Pelicans Game at Barclays Centre.

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Let’s go Raptors!



Barber Shop!


MoKenny & MoVernie at the Barclays Centre wearing Raptors gear


Big DJ Booth inside the Barclays Centre, with the booth light up brightly.



Indoor basketball court where young fans can go inside and play some hoops during half time.



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