Canada’s Got Talent – Results (Semi-Finalists)

Well, I went to Canada’s Got Talent (CGT) Results session. Nope, nope, I am not there to perform, I have talent but only interviewing celebrities/artists talent, I couldn’t dance or sing as well as the hardworking, talented semi-finalists. I was there to cheer them on “live” with the deserving cheers! I been to Canada Sings 2 a few weeks back, where the host and the performers could repeat the lines and performances over and over again. For this CGT, it’s a “live” to tape show, which means it’s one take session but will be broadcast at a later time (9pm on City TV), which means there is no return, you got one-shot to tape the show.

Dina Pugliese, hosts for the CGT, as always looked stunning with the purple dress. She was impressive hosting the show “live” in 100% perfection. But what I really like the most was her golden microphone. You could see the sparkles, the tiny gold pieces together that distinguish the mic. with everyone’s. I love it! I wish I have my own golden mic. one day for my interviews.

My source got me some very nice seats, centre spots, a few rows behind the judges. It was a great view to the stage. The area we were sitting on were a bit cold, not sure why, maybe it’s to wake up the audience and to ensure the lights were not making us sweat, lol.

Anyhow, the crowd was hyped! The judges and the host and the performers brought down the house with their positive energies. This was a night full of emotions as the 2 winners who got through to the Finals were in tears. Congratulations to Ivan Daigle & The Emcee. Both were talented & deserving to the next round. It was a touching moment at the end of the show when Ivan hugged his wife and spinned her around on the stage in tears. The Emcee, can’t wait to see his next performance. I want to see more fire! Surprise us! Last but not least, his yellow kicks were sick! I want some! Better put them into production.

It was a fun experience for us and looking forward to more CGT performances! Remeber to tune in the show on Sunday and start voting. They need your votes! Got to support Canadian talent & Canadian productions!

Catch the remaining semi-finalists and the finalists here.


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