[CELEBRITY BEYOND TRAVEL SERIES] – Your One Stop Guide at Exploring this Cruise Ship


Hello everyone! Welcome to this special “Celebrity Beyond Travel Series” Guide!

Celebrity Beyond is a super new cruise ship made by Celebrity Cruise. It is part of the “Edge Series” and just set sailed on April 22, 2022, which is ONLY 3 months young when we were boarded on this cruise ship. Let me tell you how much we like this brand new ship. Everything is top notch, everything is so new, the fresh carpet, new furniture, new paint, I luv new ships!

Moreover, Celebrity Beyond has elevated its standards in terms of the restaurants and bars. Food and drinks are “World Class” and no pun intended, Celebrity Beyond went “Above & Beyond” for the enjoyment for its guests.

The MAIN REASON why I have decided to create this “Celebrity Beyond Travel Series” as I wanted to share my experience and adventures with my followers as well as providing my insights and feedback to those who luvs to cruise and wonder what it’s like to cruise again. Moreover, I wanted to provide content on social media with those who are particularly interested to experience this Celebrity Beyond.

Quite honestly, prior to boarding this Celebrity Beyond, I tried really hard searching for INFO from other guests who had already boarded this cruise. Perhaps this ship is just so new that the ONLY content flowing on the internet were mainly rendering photos and media release photos directly provided by the Celebrity cruise line. Although there were some YouTubers who discussed about this Celebrity Beyond, most of them either just duplicate the official media release content or they were only on the ship for 2 or 3 nights as part of the media preview experience. Unfortunately, staying 2 or 3 nights isn’t really enough to reflect or have enough time to try everything that is happening on the ship. Thus, there was an urge for me to post my own Celebrity Beyond cruise experience to the social media world.

Just a note as a disclaimer that our family and myself paid in full on our own for this Celebrity Beyond experience, we went on a 11-Day Mediterranean Cruise so all opinions and experience are our own. We are not affiliated with Celebrity Cruise to keep our opinions and feedback genuine and authentic for this cruise experience.

In this “Celebrity Beyond Travel Series” Guide, I have compiled all the cool places and hidden gems, tips and recommendations as well as my honest opinion feedback about this Celebrity Beyond cruise ship.

Please check the list below as it’s sorted by alphabetical order.

Celebrity Beyond Travel Series – Cruising User Guide 


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