Chanel x Elle Canada x TIFF Private Event – #TIFF16


Chanel5Right after having a nice Salt Microdermabrasion at Pure + Simple Spa at Yorkville, I took the lovely 2016 Mazda CX-9 to the Exclusive VIP Chanel x Elle Canada TIFF Private Event. It was held at an unique location, which is the Campbell House. I am sure many of you have probably walked pass it all the time but just never really take notice of this historical building. It’s located right at the intersection of the Queen Street West and University Avenue.

Outside the historical building, you can see lovely lights fixtures, DJ spinning music, Elle lettering lights signage, the backdrop of the Elle Canada. Even the latest Elle Canada magazine was available up for grabs. This Campbell House will also be the hot spot hosted by the Mongrel Media, which they call this place the “Mongrel House“. Last year, I was at the Mongrel House and it was the talk of the town with its genius use of this hot spot and transforming the historical Campbell House into something very special.

Elle Canada
Unique cocktail drinks were served at this private Chanel x Elle Canada event and they called these special drinks the “Fashionista” and “Celebrity“. We were also invited to walk into the Campbell House to check out what’s in store. So, in case you see my title of this MoVernie BLOG, you possibly wonder, where does Chanel comes into place for this party? No worries, let me tell you, Chanel hosted a global launch yesterday to release its “New Chanel 5“, so they used this event as the launch in Toronto, what a lovely idea! As we walked into the Campbell House, we got to check out the new Chanel 5 and got some samples with it. Most importantly, we each got a nice mini-sample package to take home to give it to our loved ones. I got to tell you though, the smell of the Chanel 5 is phenomenal. It isn’t super strong which is perfect and it had an unique smell to it.

Chanel 5Special thank you to Chanel and Elle Canada for inviting me and my guest, much appreciated for your wonderful hospitality. I can tell you that, before TIFF16 even start, that this Chanel x Elle Canada will be one of my favourite top parties at TIFF16.

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