Chinese New Year Family Dinner – Welcoming the Year of the Horse


Happy Chinese New Year, especially to those who celebrated and welcoming the year of the horse. I would like to wish everyone with great fortunes, great health and happiness.

During Chinese New Year, it’s also signify the time of being together with our loved ones and family members. Family feast is a must!

To start off the year on a good note, we had a family feast with all the great precious food ingredients for dinner. Here are some of the amazing food dishes that we ordered on Chinese New Year! Let me know if you have had any of these dishes before.

Bon Appetite!

Friendly Server hand craved the peking duck skin slices in preparation for the “duck taco”
Garnish (bbq sauce, cuumbers slices, green onions & carrots) to complement the peking duck with seasame taco
Ready to eat after assembling the peking duck taco
What to do with the rest of the peking duck meat? We don’t waste food. Second eat is mixing in the peking duck meat with crunchy ingredients & placed on the crunchy green lettuce
very tasty
Roasted Quails
Green onion & ginger stir fried lobster
chinese greens with garlic with little chicken broth soup base
Crab Meat “E” soup noodles
Red Bean Paste Dessert for “Good Luck”


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