Cho San Sushi – High End Premium Sushi – Take Out ONLY – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


We are celebrating our mom’s birthday! Since we are still in a pandemic and we are doing our apart to stay home, we have decided to order food to be delivered at our home.

My bro, aka MoKenny suggested we ordered high end premium sushi from Cho San Sushi (Cho_San_Sushi). Cho San was once the sushi chef working at Zen Sushi, a high end premium sushi restaurant located in Markham, Ontario. It is a bit unique in ordering Cho_San_Sushi, there is no physical restaurant, it’s all done via take out. There is no specific menu, there is a few selection choices and you placed your order by DM via Instagram.

So…we placed 5 orders of the sushi tray ($100 CDN each tray) that comes with 21 pcs of fresh raw seafood. My bro placed an order with a DM via Instagram @ Cho_San_Sushi. They received our order a few days in advance, we provided them with the address that they should deliver our food and the date and time. Deliver is included in the order.

It comes with a very nice package, with a fabric that wraps around the package and the tray is made with recyclable material that is made of styrofoam but looks like a wooden box. Each person has their own tray of sushi, chop sticks and a mini pack of soy sauce.

Let me tell you. There are a good variety of fresh raw fishes, scallop, amberjack fish, fatty tuna, eel, shrimp and much much more. In particular, I enjoyed the Amberjack fish with yuzu sauce in the sushi. I just luv the smell and the taste of yuzu. The fatty tuna roll was amazing. The fatty tuna melts in your mouth. Everything is perfect and the food portion is on-point, it fills you up nicely. The only minor setback was the rice comes off easily when I picked up the sushi. The rice is fresh but I would prefer the sushi to be more intact. Otherwise, everything is perfect!

Although $100 per individual sushi tray is still quite an amount you have to pay, but keep in mind, these are high quality and fresh raw fish and seafood items. This isn’t the cheap all-you-can-eat raw fish quality. You get what you pay for. It’s good value. I think for special occasion such as celebrating our mom’s birthday, Valentines Day and other special occasions is worthwhile.

Normally, if we go to a high quality sushi restaurant, a sushi platter of this caliber starts at around $125 for 21 pieces. Right now, we have 21 pieces at $100 per tray and that includes delivery and tax and tip. So, it’s actually pretty good value for the money.

If you want to treat yourself better one day or want to celebrate a special occasion, @Cho_San_Sushi is a great choice. I highly recommend it!

Cho San Sushi – Take Out ONLY
Order via DM in Instagram @Cho_San_Sushi.
You can call 416-809-8333 to place your order as well.


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