Christian Lundgaard Won Honda Indy Toronto 2023. This is Lundgaard’s 1st Victory of the IndyCar Season.


The 2023 Honda Indy has come to a close and Christian Lundgaard has won the Honda Indy in Toronto. Congratulations!

This marks Christian Lundgaard‘s 1st career victory in the Indy Car circuit.

Indy Car seasons standings leader Alex Palou took 2nd place and Colton Herta was third for his 1st podium of the season.

It was a cool experience for me to cover the behind-the-scenes moments of the winners at the Unibet Victory Circle.

Some of the highlight moments for me were that….I got to see the winners behind the podium until their names were called upon to get on the stage to celebrate their victories. It was nice to see the happiness of these individuals with their team and friends and families.

Did you know….the top winner had to wear many different hats with different logos and brands since they are sponsors of the Indy Race? It’s quite an interesting sight as Christian Lundgaard wore one hat, posed to the cameras, then flipped the hat to the staff. Took another hat, posed again, repeating the same drill for like 10+ times! It was quite a sight!

And of course, we need to thank and recognize the volunteers for their hard work, time and effort. They are big help making the Honda Indy a successful event year after year. THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS!

Furthermore, before the race today, Christian promised that if he win the race, he will shave his moustache off. So, his friend brought the shaver and Christian shaved the Mo off for the media. As you can see from the picture above, Christian is all shaven posing with the volunteers.

After the victory celebration, I walked into the paddock, did you know….the Top 5 finishers, their race cars had to be inspected by the officials to examine all the car components and parts to measure them and ensure they are within the official measurements and that they are playing by the rules. If any of the race cars that were built by the respective teams have measurements not done right or caught cheating, they may be penalized or disqualify. So, I never knew that. I am always learning something new about this sport.

As Christian’s race car was waiting to be inspected, we got to check up on the race car very up close. I could see how worn out the tires were, it also had many little rocks being stuck on the tires as well. Tires play an integral role in the car racing, especially the strategy to decide when to use dry performance tires or tires for wet rain. Sometimes, the driver and the team has to determine when to switch tires.

Another fun fact, I didn’t know the team store their Indy race cars at the upper space of the trailer. They have a lift to lift up the car. They use the bottom section of the trailer as storage space, locker room and office space.

Once again, congratulations to the winners!

This is another amazing year for our MoVernie Crew covering Honda Indy! Thank you for Honda Indy for having us and see you next year!

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