CHUM FM FanFest 2014 – Canadian Music Week


Last night was CHUM FM FanFest 2014 and it was being held at the Kool Haus. I was at CHUM FanFest last year and interviewed MuchMusic Coca-Cola Covers Contest 2012 Winner, Tyler Shaw. This year’s FanFest had another solid lineup of performers and headlined by two major big names in Ellie Goulding as well as Tegan and Sara. Other performers included Cris Cab, Andrew Allen, Alyssa Reid, Magic and Kristina Maria. It was a hot steamy night inside the Kool Haus and the large crowd was going insane and every performer did an amazing job, bringing their talents and their live stage performance to hype up the crowd. What a great week for Canadian Music, it’s a week to celebrate and Canadians should be very proud. I wish all the Canadian artists all the best and continue to make more great music for the fans to enjoy! See you next year, CHUM FM FanFest 2015! See you then!

Below were some of the photos that I took at the CHUM FM FanFest 2014.

Thank you to Bell Media PR for the media accreditation for this event.

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Kristina Maria



Ellie Goulding


Tegan & Sara


Alyssa Reid


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