[CRAFT BEER SERIES] – Your One Stop Shop at Finding Your Craft Beer While Exploring the Province of Ontario, Canada


Hello everyone! Welcome to this special “Craft Beer Series” User Guide! This User Guide is your “One Stop Shop” at finding your craft beer while exploring the province of Ontario, Canada.

As many of you know, I luv beer, in particular, I luv craft beer. There is something truly special about visiting a local craft brewery. Check out the outside and inside of the brewery, the special smell of the yeast and other fresh ingredients being used to make the beer. Being able to order beer flights to try the various fresh beer on premise is truly one of my favourite things to do.

During this COVID-19 pandemic where international travels are pretty much not possible, I shifted gears and created a travel segment called “Ontario Travel Series“, exploring what Ontario has to offer, sharing all of my adventures and travel experiences with my audiences includes the local favourite spots and hidden gems.

And most often, we will be on week long road trips, short day trips and perhaps weekend getaway. We will explore things to do, visiting parks to go on nice walks, doing exercise and also checking out hiking trails. Furthermore, almost every single town or cities in Ontario has a number of local craft breweries. It is my MoVernie Mission to visit as many craft beer breweries as possible. We will visit the place, try their beer flights and most often, we will order some beer to go so we can share them with our friends and families at the comfort of our homes.

In this “Craft Beer Series” User Guide, I have compiled all the cool craft beer breweries that I have visited and hopefully, will give you travel inspirations so that you and your loved ones may consider in exploring these cool breweries. Please check out the list below as it’s sorted by alphabetical order.

I strongly believe that both “Ontario Travel Series” + “Craft Beer Series” come hand-in-hand during your travel experiences.

Craft Beer Series User Guide

Craft Breweries to Visit in the Province of Ontario – Canada

*If you are a local craft brewery and would like to collaborate and participate our “Craft Beer Series”, please kindly contact us at MoVernieTVShow@gmail.com. I would luv to hear from you and brainstorm ideas together.

NOTE: Please drink responsibly. Don’t drink & drive!

During the pandemic, the guidelines and regulations by our Canadian government are constantly changing based on the COVID-19 cases and the situations. Please follow the travel guidelines and travel safely or stay home safely. And most importantly, if you are feeling any symptoms or are not feeling well, please stay home to prevent the spread.

I have to say, opening up a can or bottle of the local craft beers is a perfect way for me to recapture the wonderful moments and memories of my visits at these breweries as well as the surrounding areas and towns and cities. It’s truly a great way to enjoy an ice cold at the comfort of our home.

Supporting local businesses is also part of my MoVernie Mission. It’s important we continue to support them especially this pandemic. Support Local! Eat Local! Drink Local! That’s my motto!


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