Cranes – 1 Michelin Star Japanese/Spanish Fusion Restaurant [WASHINGTON DC TRAVEL SERIES]


Washington DC is home to many great restaurants and bars. In particular, they have many Michelin Star restaurants all around the city.

During this Press Trip, I am very grateful and thankful that Washington DC Tourism + Cranes Restaurant hosted me to this delicious Michelin Star Omakase meal.

Cranes is a “1 Michelin Star” restaurant, lead by Chef Pepe Moncayo, serving an unique combination of Japanese-Spanish fusion cuisine using unique technique and ingredients.

Cranes is relatively a young resto as it opened its doors back in 2020 during the pandemic and during its young season, words spread of its amazing food and culinary and eventually, Cranes received “1 Michelin Star” in 2021 & 2022.

The 10-course Omakase at $148 USD per person is such great value and worthwhile that I highly recommend anyone to come and experience this gastronomic journey.

Follow my gastronomic journey below as I show you all the food & beverages that I had ordered during this dining experience.

FYI – Instead of getting the wine pairing with this Omakase, I opted for ordering 3 of its signature cocktails as I preferred cocktails and pretty much one cocktail per 3-4 food items.

I ordered an amazing list of signature cocktails. Special thank you to my server for all of her recommendations. These tasty drinks worked perfectly with my Omakase meal.

Course #1:

Course #2:


Course #3:

Course #4:

Course #5:

Course #6:

Course #7:

Course #8:

Course #9:

Course #10:

After indulging all the wonderful food items and cocktails, it’s evident of why Cranes have risen up the restaurant ranks so quickly even during the tough times of the pandemic. They have achieved above & beyond every component of what makes it a Michelin star restaurant.

The culinary techniques, use of unique ingredients, flavours and taste of each dish, the consistency of the overall dining experience. The superb excellent service by the entire team. It’s marvelous!

I really appreciated the restaurant provided me with a prime dining location, the table that I dined at was like the courtside front row seats of watching how the entire culinary team performs and unfolds. BEST seat in the house!

This restaurant is located just a short 7-minute walk from my Riggs Hotel. The restaurant is huge with different sections including a bar, another dining area and even a private dining room for a small group gathering. But of course, the best seat in the house, in my opinion, is right in front of the kitchen to see all the culinary team in action! Surprisingly, the staff very quiet and not super vocal or dramatic like you see on Hell’s Kitchen, I guess that’s more for TV entertainment value, LOL.

Cranes (1 Michelin Star) – Washington DC, USA
Address: 724 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States
Phone: +1 202-525-4900
Google Maps:


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