Dineen Coffee Co.


As the South of Temperance Restaurant on Adelaide and Bay was being demolished to provide the land space to build  a brand new corporate building, there seems to be lack of new patio hotspots for the Corporate people. But wait no longer, the area is slowly but surely being revitalized with brand new eateries and restaurants that will bring new life around the Corporate Financial District. First came the new restaurant called “The Chase”, a seafood & oyster restaurant located on the rooftop of an 8-storey building near Temperance & Yonge. Furthermore, a coffee shop called “Dineen Coffee Co.” is also located in the same area.

Everytime I walked by the Dineen coffee shop, I always wanted to stop by and grab a coffee. After a few weeks of spending my time covering the TIFF events, I have finally gotten the time to check out this cafe. The reason why this cafe caught my attention is because it reminds me of a cafe that you can find in any Paris coffee shops in France. It has that Frenchy feel to it. I miss Paris, so this is definitely a consolation prize for me to see one in Toronto.
There are plenty of spaces in this cafe, high ceiling, typical beautiful French floor tiles, lots of small tables and chairs. There are also high stools and tables outside the patio area. You can basically sit at any section of the cafe and it will give you a different perspective of the place. The place is so vibrant and it has lots of life in it.
I ordered a large iced tea, it tastes great and my friend, she ordered cappuccino along with a chocolate chip muffin. Both tasted great.
I highly recommend this place and it is also great to relax and slow things down a bit and enjoy the moment. I guess this is what French people often refer to as “C’est La Vie!”

140 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M5C 2L7
Neighbourhood: Downtown Core

(416) 900-0949

Welcome to Dineen Coffee Co.

View from the patio looking into the Coffee Shop

Outside patio area

Cappuccino with a leaf pattern

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