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Have you ever visited Dominica? Dominica is a beautiful Caribbean island that is labelled as the “Nature Island” for a reason. It has lots of beautiful beaches, waterfalls, rivers, ocean water, natural landscape for you to discover and explore. It also have fresh seafood, fruits, vegetation. There are many amazing restaurants and bars around the island that serves delicious good food and drinks. Amazing warm climate, beautiful sunrise and sunset. If you are looking for a destination to visit and enjoy a nice vacation, Dominica is a nice spot for you!

Just recently, I was on a Press Trip to Dominica hosted and organized by Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) and LMA Communications (Toronto, Canada). During our visit, we explore many restaurants and bars. My favourite part of my dining experience everywhere that we visited is the amazing island hospitality. Everywhere we went, the wonderful staff were super friendly. Most often,they will make a nice drink for us to try or a nice shot of special rum to toast on. Or perhaps a nice dish of appetizer to try. The friendly people and the island vibe are some of the intangibles that made me enjoy my stay in Dominica.

What is Provisions? The word “Provisions” is a word that I heard for the 1st time and heard quite frequently during this Dominica press trip. What is provisions? In general, provisions are root vegetables or root fruits that are commonly being served in a meal. For example, they often serve provisions along with BBQ chicken, fishes or other dishes. Treat provisions more like a side dishes that comes with your main meal. These provisions are fresh food ingredients such as dasheen (taro); yams; cucumbers; carrots; plantains; fruits; etc. They are all fresh and organically grown in the Caribbean islands.

Caribbean Islands’ Popular Drinks: The locals in Dominica or in nearby islands love their rum. They often make their own craft rum, mixing with different ingredients. Rum punch is one of the most common cocktail people drink on the island. I had ordered a number of rum punch during this press trip but it seems every restaurant and bartenders have a slight difference in the interpretation of rum punch. Many gave a generous pour of rum making the punch super strong, which is the way I like it. Some put more juice in the punch bunch and some uses different type of juice. For me, I enjoyed my strong rum with pineapple juice. That’s the way I like it!

Below is a list of restaurants and bars that we had visited during our visit on this beautiful Caribbean Island of Dominica.

Top Restaurants & Bars To Visit – Discover Dominica

Pagua Bay Bar & Grill

Islet View Restaurant & Bar

Lobster Palace – Sunset Bay Club & SeaSide Dive Resort



Chewo’s Cuisine

Le Petit Paradize

Restaurant Inside Fort Young Hotel

The Great Old House

High Rise Beach Bar

Maggi Farmer’s Market

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

Fresh Market – Grocery Store

IGA Super Centre – Grocery Stores

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The visit to the beautiful nature island of Dominica during this press trip was provided by Discover Dominica Authority (DDA). However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.


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