Farewell Kyle! Thank You For Everything! – My Message to GROAT Kyle Lowry



Dear Kyle,

Thank you for bringing the Raptors’ 1st NBA Championship to Canada! You are truly a great leader and a floor general, bringing stability to the team and implementing a Raptors Culture.

I was expecting you to be traded during this past year’s NBA trading deadline, so no surprises there, my emotion let’s me to be calm and collected. Anyhow, the reality kicks in that you are bringing your talent to the South Beach.

I have met you so many times at different VIP Events. In particular, I enjoyed this picture where we were at the same fashion show. Thank you for letting me interview you when during the early days, you don’t really like to do interviews. Thanks for giving me a chance!

I wish you and your family all da best in Miami. You are the BEST Raptors in franchise history. If the Raptors is going to create a statue, you should be the 1st.

Now, a new era begins for the Toronto Raptors!


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