February 6, 2024 – OnePlus 12 Open Sale in USA and Canada!


Hey Peeps!

The OnePlus 12 Open Sale is on as of today (February 6). OnePlus 12 will work at 5G speeds on all major cellular networks in the U.S. & Canada.

And for the lifecycle of the product, amongst other deals, OnePlus is offering a $100 ANY condition trade-in for the device.

If you are shopping for a new phone, be sure to check out OnePlus 12 to see if it’s a phone for your needs and preferences.

Below is pricing information to purchase OnePlus 12

Canadian Pricing:

OnePlus 12
12GB + 256GB = $1069.99 CDN + tax

16GB + 512GB = $1199.99 CDN + tax

You can click here to see the pricing and various models available at OnePlus Canada website.



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