Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant


It’s the holiday season! Tired of cooking a big feast and wanted to go to a nice seafood restaurant? Are you so tired of trying those typical western style seafood dishes but wanted to try something different with cultural flavour?

Do you want to try various seafood ingredients in Chinese Style cooking? What about eating Alaskan Crabs or Lobsters that are around 8 or 10 lbs that are being prepared in different cooking styles? Fried? Steam? Broiled? Stir-Fry? Maggie sauce anyone?

If that’s what you want, you should try the Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant, located uptown near the famous Pacific Mall/Market Village. It has taken seafood to the next level. The moment you walked into this grand, elegant seafood restaurant, the first thing you see, are the numerous large water tanks storing large sizes of crabs, lobsters that will be the ingredients for your meal for the evening.

There are a number of seafood varieties for your choosing such as Alaskan Crabs, Vancouver Crabs, Lobsters, GeoDuck, Oysters, Fishes, etc.Most people prefer to have a gathering ranges from 6-10 people so that they can order a combo that includes many different seafood ingredients and different styles of cooking. Ordering combo is the most economical way to taste different dishes.

Tonight, we ordered a combo that featured a 9lb lobster and 2 Alaskan King Crabs with combined weight of 9 lbs. In order to show that they were fresh and at the size as indicated in the combo, the server caught them out of the tanks and guided them (in a container) to our table to let us pose for photos and to show us how big and fresh our meal will be.

Check out the photos below and you will be impressed and possibly in “woo” and “ahh” on the plate presentation and how big the proportions of the dishes were.

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Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant
2 huge Alaskan Crabs & 1 huge Lobster
Sake Steam Clams
Lobster with Maggie Sauce
Fried Lobster

Steam Alaskan Legs
Steam Wholesome Fish
Alaskan Crab Fried Rice
Our Holiday Season Seafood Feast


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