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Today, I attended a friends’ gathering and they had chosen this restaurant called “Spoon & Fork”. Honestly, I never heard of this place. My first impression was it would be an Indian restaurant. Not sure why I thought that. Anyways, as I parked my car, walked outside the building, I was totally surprised! There is a nice patio area for the summer. And when I peeked inside, it’s so fancy looking. It had a classy, luxurious and chic interior design, along with low, big comfy chairs with it. Seriously, most of the Japanese restaurant that I been to, they normally are very small in size and they have bad ventilation and not so great looking interior. Normally in a weekend, I love to wear gangsta hoodies as I normally wear suits, ties or dress shirts during weekdays, I prefer to dress comfortably. This was a bad decision. I felt super underdressed. So, I scanned around and saw a Marshals store. I never been to one and went inside. To my surprise, I got a nice Calvin Klein blazer for a very good price. I immediately transform myself into MoVernie, fedora and blazer look.

As we walked inside, the hostness guided us to our table. It’s the nice comfortable black individual chairs overlooking outside the restaurant. On my immediate right, there is a nice bar area that you can watch sports on their various television. Honestly, every table you sat on, you will have a different experience as this place is huge and each section generates a different vibe to it.

So, this place offers All-you-can-eat lunch and dinner or A la carte. Honestly, I will opt for all-you-can-eat since it’s is only a few dollars more, may as well try out their different selections.
On weekdays, the all-you-can-eat lunch is $16.99 and weekends lunch is $17.99. While the all-you-can-eat dinner is $26.99 on weeknights and $27.99 on weekend evenings. In comparisons, it’s bascially $5 more on the lunch and dinner than other restaurants. But honestly, I have been sick and tired of paying those lower prices all-you-can-eat and have to suffer eating their no-properly defroze sashimi or their lower meat quality. I rather spend a little bit more to taste fresher, higher quality fish and seafood and cooked food than settle for crappy quality ones.

Mind you, the selections at Spoon & Fork are not as many as compared to others. However, every dish that they came out are in gourmet quality, great food tasting and nicely decorated plate presentations. I prefer all these qualities. Also, at Spoon & Fork, they don’t come with free beverages and dessert are extra. So, if you do care about getting free pop or dessert, then this place may not be for you or if finance is an issue and you don’t care about how good the decor is. This is just a headsup.

So, we ordered Wonton Soup, Hot & Sour soup. For me, #1 thing about soup is..they better be nice and in hot temperature. I hate cold soup. They came out in good temperature and the taste is quite good. We ordered the various types of Sashimi, which include the Salmon, Butterfish, White Tuna, Clams, Snappers. All were de-froze to the perfection, so it’s nice and fresh. The Dragon Roll were nice as well. Tempura, fried wonton, chicken wings and satay chicken were great with the peanut sauce. We tried all of things and most of them were tasty and great plate presentations.

I highly recommend this place because you can’t really find a nice, modern restaurant that comes with high quality food taste, excellent service and a nicely decorated decor. This is the first time I ate Japanese food in such a classy restaurant. I wish they could turn this place into an after-party nightclub or a lounge. Just imagining grabbing a gin and tonic on the comfy sofa is just C’est La Vie. Next time, I want to try the outdoor patio, trying out sushi outdoors, which I have never done before. Looks like they also have 2 other locations (Oakville & Queensway) too, so check out which one suits you best.

Spoon & Fork – Strengths
1) Satay Chicken – good proportion along with the nice spicy peanut butter sauce
2) Fresh sashimi
3) Dragon Roll or hand roll were nicely done
4) Fried Wonton & Calamari were crispy and golden colour, nice and dry
5) My fav. and you don’t normally get it elsewhere, the Crab Salad, nice creamy dressing to the perfection, along with sliced fresh cucumbers and little salmon eggs.

Spoon & Fork – Weaknesses

1) No beverages included (would be nice if it is included but I could tolerate that)
2) No dessert included. Honestly, at $26.99, even just green tea or mango ice-cream would be nice. That’s b/c once you finished ordering, it’s always nice to top it up with a nice ice-cream dessert finish. Also, many other Japanese restaurant comes with oranges or ice-cream anyways.
3) They have 4 soup selections on the menu but each day, there are only two, today we can choose from Wonton Soup or Hot & Sour Soup. Honestly, what if I am allergy to an ingredient, so I am stuck with one and only selection? When you only offer 4 selections, you may as well offer 4 selections daily. It’s just makes the customer happier. I mean, I have NEVER expect to come to a Japanese restaurant without ordering Miso Soup, that’s just so wrong. Imagine ordering a banana split without ice-cream or pizza without cheese?
4) The cooked food seems to be a bit too oily for my taste. The Pad Thai was cooked by skinny noodles and not the usual thick noodles which I prefer.
5) Wasabi lack the kicker taste, not gingerly at all, and it’s flaky, when I applied on the sushi, it’s just flaked off, so no good.

Tempura ShrimpSpoon & Fork Entrance

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Check out Spoon & Fork website @ http://www.spoonandfork.ca/


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