Ford Blue Oval HQ: Must-See at NAIAS



Ford Motors has the biggest floor space at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Inside the Blue Oval HQ (as it’s often referred as), consists of many interactive activities for you and your friends and family to do. It has 2 floors showcasing its Ford latest products and technologies.

I highly recommend you to walk through the entire Blue Oval. Below are some of the interactive activities that you shouldn’t miss when you are the Ford Blue Oval HQ.

Custom-made Buttons:


You can choose any template designs at the station. You can add in any drawings or words along with the design. Best yet, they provide colourful markers and you just fill in the design whichever you like. It’s fast and it’s easy. The friendly Ford staff are there to help you make your personalized button.

iPad and charging Station:


Ford has a number of presentations or seminars that you can navigate their presentation slides in the iPad that is right in front of you at the iPad and charging station. The best part? Your iPhone or iPad or laptop is low in batteries? They have charging station for you to charge your equipment. Super thoughtful by Ford.

Ford Explorer Interactive Station:


Imagine sitting inside the spacious Ford Explorer, being lifted up and watching an interactive video? As if you are travelling through a journey? It’s super entertaining.

Ford Fusion NASCAR:


During my Ford NAIAS Media Trip, Ford unveiled its latest Ford Fusion NASCAR. It looks amazing to me. Can’t wait to see it zooming on the race track.

F-150 Interactive Pro-Trailer GateF150Gate

Imagine hopping into the “2015 North American Truck of the Year” F-150 Truck, being lifted up in the air. Your job is to try out Ford’s latest technology in assisting its drivers’ how to better navigate easily backing up its truck to unload a boat or a big trailer. Apparently, Ford received feedbacks from pickup truck users and this was a feature that many of them wish it would became a reality. Ford listened and made it happen! Amazing!

Basketball Machine:



You can show case your basketball shooting skills with the hoops machine at the Ford Blue Oval. In particular in Toronto, Ford is a proud sponsor of Toronto Raptors, we often see these type of hoops machines being available for fans to shoot some hoops.

Lego Station:


Ford and Lego have partnered up to release two Lego play sets showcasing the iconic Ford Mustang Lego as well as a hotrod and Ford Raptor Pickup. You can be a child again, applying your imagination with the Lego blocks.

Video Game Driving Experience:


Impairment Simulator Suit:




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