Fuck Cancer Now – Charity Event


Well, even before I knew about this amazing “Fuck Cancer” charity event, I was searching for a legit tshirt with the word “Fuck” in it. You can call me fashion frontier, rebel, whatever you want to call me, but I don’t follow the rules, I like to bend the rules. Sometimes, I just feel that swearing it’s a form of release. I hate keeping things inside all the time, it’s very torturing.

Anyhow, I don’t know why but Miami maybe the best place to shop for profanity t-shirts. I bought a “I am in Miami BITCH” tshirt and “F*** I am Famous” tshirt. There are French Connections “FCUK” tshirts everywhere as well, but I am not a softie, I want to wear a shirt that is “In-your-face” and don’t have to hide about it.

Out came the “Fuck Cancer” campaign, co-founded by young, beautiful, good hearted, Julie Greenbaum, who decided to create a charitable foundation that raise the awareness to the younger demographics that cancer may be prevented if getting tested in the early stages. Everyone may have lost someone due to cancer and it’s important we raise the awareness of early testing and treatment.

However, cancer awareness don’t always have to go through the traditional ways of raising funding via silent aunction, expensive galas. Fuck Cancer campiagn wants to raise cancer awareness by wearing “Fuck Cancer” tshirts by attenidng economical clubbing parties. This is another way to raise awareness while having some fun at the same time. It also attract a different demographic, more so of the younger crowd who will want to contribute to the campaign.

Instead of the traditional ticket stub, the token to the party is by purchasing a “Fuck Cancer” t-shirt. Various colours are available for your selection to represent the cancer organizations you want your donations to support. For example, I chose a pink “Fuck Cancer” tshirt to support breast cancer. Another friend chose a blue shirt to support colon cancer.

This event is picking up steam around the world, making various stops around the globe. It made a quick stop in Toronto on November 1. I was there as it was a fun night! Met lots of great people. I also did a red-carpet interview with the ever supportive Canadian recording artist, Kardinal Offishall.

Keep supporting Fuck Cancer campaign. You can be a volunteer or you can just simply make donations. I look forward to attend the event again next year!

Check out the website by clicking this link – http://www.fcancerevents.com/


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