Garfield x H&M Sweater


During this Boxing Day, I decided to go to H&M store at Eaton Centre to see what’s on sale. Instead, I saw this Garfield x H&M sweater at the “New Arrival” section. I have to get it so I bought it! The grey and the orange colours Garfield works so well together.

This sweater is $34.99 + tax (CDN).

NOTE: The only that I found this sweater odd was its size. I normally wear a medium size for most sweaters but the moment I grabbed a medium size out of the rack, the medium looked like a large. I settled for a small instead coz I tried it on and the small actually fits me. I don’t know if it’s quality control or just size is different for this particular sweater. I highly recommend you to pay more attention to the size and just try them on regardless of the size labelled on the sweater but to try them on and see what size actually fits you.

Can’t wait to wear it during this weekend!

Click this link to see this sweater on the H&M site.


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