Gator Chateau – Jeff Davis Parish – Lake Charles, Louisiana


Normally, tourist will drive to the Gator Chateau and walk around to learn about the gators. They can also learn from the experts from the information centre to hold on the baby gators.

Due to time constraints on our Visit Lake Charles Press Trip, a staff from Gator Chateau transported 2 baby gators to the Bayou Rum so that we can learn more about them and hold them after our rum tasting. So, I just wanted to use this opportunity to thank the Gator Chateau team and Visit Lake Charles team for coordinating and making arrangement possible. THANK YOU!

It was very cool to learn more about the alligators (gators) around this region. I think the best part is to learn how the staff save injured gators who cannot survive on their own due to injury and how they take care of them before sending them out back into the wild.

Moreover, I think the best part of this activity was the chance to touch and hold on a small gator. We got to hold on a 3-month old and 6-month old gators. They don’t bite coz they were fed with veggies previously so they are full by the time we get to touch and hold them. But of course, we still need to use common sense not to instigate them.

NOTE: When you touch and hold on to the gator, please respect the animal, take good care of them, don’t overly shake them or squeeze them hard or throw them around. Respect the animals, the nature and the environment.

Gator Chateau – Jeff Davis Parish (Oil and Gas Park)
Address: 100 Rue de l’Acadie, Jennings, LA 70546, United States
Phone: +1 800-264-5521


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