Gentlemen’s Expo – Toronto (First of its kind)



The first annual Gentlemen’s Expo in Toronto was held this past weekend from November 22nd to 24th at the South Building of the Toronto Metro Convention Centre. A first of its kind event, Gentlemen’s Expo was designed to provide today’s modern urban man a show to call his very own. I was invited by the organizer to cover this event (BIG Thank You to them!). I have to agree that there are many events that are geared towards female goers, from fashion to makeup to good health, etc, but there aren’t many events that are geared towards the male goers, so I do think this Gentlemen’s Expo is a great concept and an attractive event to attend.

In fact, this was an indeed worthwhile event for me. The moment I arrived, I was greeted by friendly staff, directing us where to go. We walked on the red carpet at the VIP entrance, there was a nice Gentlemen’s Expo backdrop for me to pose my “Gentlemen’s Outfit”. Free gift bags including the nicely designed McGregor Socks, Sharp Magazine and other nice useful coupons.

There were food trucks and food vendors that will fill my appetite. Mind you, food was greatly needed especially the admission included a passport that allowed us to try 6 beer samples. The concept was simple, you lineup for a beer sample and each sample, the vendor will stamp on your passport. Not to worry, when I finished my passport, there was drinking stations around  that we can purchase more passports to try more beer samples. Beer vendors such as Stella Artois, Budweiser Crown or other local breweries such as Lake of Bays Brewery, HogTown Brewers and many more were there to serve your taste buds. Not a beer drinker? Not to worry, tons of scotch, rum, wine vendors were on hand to serve us.

This expo wasn’t just about drinks, they had all kinds of exhibits. They had fashion exhibits such as Gotstyle and other exhibits that will dress you up like a gentlemen. They have exhibits that will groom you and show you how to dress & look like a gentlemen. And of course, sports and luxury cars were on display, most men love cars and I enjoyed the Tesla Motors exhibit. It’s amazing how electric motor can give this Tesla so much horsepower yet so environmental friendly. Genius!

Out of the entire event, I enjoyed the speakers panel the most. I think that speakers lineup were solid and they were the strongest attraction at the expo. The famous Dragons Den, Brett Wilson, Bruce Croxon & Jim Treliving were on the Entrepreneur Panel. They offered the audience their successes, their losses and their lives as entrepreneurs and their recommendations for people who wants to start up their businesses. UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones was on hand to discuss his previous fights and his future UFC plans as well as his fashion and lifestyle when he isn’t fighting in the Octagon.

Most importantly, this expo was also a way to celebrate & to support “Movember”. $5.00 from each ticket sold by the expo was donated to Movember Canada. So, this was a great event and for a great cause. How cool is that?

All in all, I enjoyed my time at the Gentlemen’s Expo. It’s was quite a good event considering this was its first expo and one of its kind in the world. I would love to see this event gets bigger and better. I would like to see more exhibits, more speakers for both Saturday and Sunday and I would like to see more suits & ties and grooming exhibits. I look forward to next year’s Gentlemen’s Expo.

If you want to know more about The Gentlemen’s Expo, whether you are food vendors, beer and wine vendors or exhibitors, click here for more information so you can plan ahead for next year’s event.

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