Glamping Experience – Deluxe Pod Clusters @ Long Point Eco Adventures – St. Williams, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


Last week, the MoVernie Crew went “Glamping”!

We were On the MOVE with the 2020 Cadillac XT6 luxury SUV to glamping at Long Point Eco Adventures (Long Point Eco), located at St. Williams, Ontario, Canada. This glamping property is huge and has a community of its own, including a local craft brewery, observation deck, a restaurant, various outdoor activities (such as axe throwing, nature tails, mountain biking and more) and lastly, a variety of different accommodation styles for its guests to book and enjoy a relaxing getaway.

But what exactly is glamping? Have you been glamping before?

To sum it up, glamping = “Glamorous” + “Camping”. Most of the time, it includes a framed shelter already setup in a natural environment with amenities and electricity. You don’t have to bring any camping equipment or setup any tents. You don’t have to dig up a hole in the ground as your washroom. The glamping management provides everything for you and they will setup everything that you need during your stay.

At Long Point Eco Adventures, they offer a number of different lodging options for its guests. In particular, we stayed at the Deluxe Pod Cluster, which is a cluster of 2-3 pod units that is perfect for physical distancing.

In this MoVernie BLOG, we will show you what our Deluxe Pod Cluster looks like and we will also show you the new cleaning and safety protocols that Long Point Eco has implemented during this pandemic to keep its guests and staff safe.

Long Point Eco is located in St. Williams, Ontario, which is about 1 hour and 40 minutes drive from the GTA, which is quite a reasonable drive for a relaxing nature getaway. The property is also located very close to a popular beach called “Turkey Point“.

At Long Point Eco, you can tell their team have implemented many safety and cleaning protocols to keep its guests and staff safe. For example, we booked our accommodations online, and right after that, we received a confirmation email along with all the booking INFO and a QR Code as reference.

When we arrived at the property, we didn’t have to go to the reception to check-in. Instead, we just walk to our deluxe pod cluster and the keys were located inside our respective pods. This was much appreciated as it saved us time trying to figure out where the check-in centre is and we didn’t have to interact with anyone and we were got a contactless check-in.

As we arrived at our respective pods, the front door had a “Clean Lodge Seal” sticker to give the guests the peace of mind that the pods are cleaned, properly disinfected and ready for use. I thought it was a nice touch!

Furthermore, this deluxe pod cluster are only being booked in a bundle** (2 or 3 pods together) with family and friends in the same social bubble. The same social group will share the firepit and the shower station. Long Point Eco believes that guests who are in the same social bubble would help reduce the spread of the virus. These are very well thought-out protocols to maintain physical distancing.

**Please check Long Point Eco website as things are subject to change to comply with the government latest restrictions and safety protocols.

Deluxe Pod Cluster: What does it include?

Based on the Long Point Eco website, it states “Our pod cluster deal allows four separate groups or couples to use the deluxe pod area on site. Each pod ‘cluster’ is a grouping of 2 or 3 pods, and is named after a landmark or island on Lake Erie.

Each Deluxe Pod comes with….

– 1 double bed (with a window)
– 1 pull-out sofa couch
– electricity
– sink & toilet washroom (with a window)
– unlimited WIFI usage
– mini fridge
– kettle
– fan + electronic heater
– linen + bed sheets + pillow + bathroom towels, face cloths
– table with 2 chairs
– lights
– your own group fire pit (including burning wood and staff will come to light up the firepit for you)
– 2 outdoor lawn chairs
– your cluster’s own outdoor shower station
– complimentary breakfast
– free central parking lot
– private entrance

This is definitely what “Glamping” is all about. You arrive, relax, have fun and everything is setup for you.

Outdoor Showering Station:

The showering station which is being shared by the same social cluster is located a few steps from the pods. It’s a wooden showering station with a gate door to walk into the premise. There is hot and cold water valves provided. It’s quite an experience as I got to enjoy a nice hot water shower and look up in the sky for an open air view. I enjoy it very much!

Fire pit

One of the best parts about staying at Long Point Eco is that you don’t have to set up your own fire pit. You simply call the Welcome Centre, tell the staff what time you would like to have a firepit, they will have a staff that shows up and prepare the fire pit for you. The staff wore face mask and dropped off the firewood, started up the fire for us. Basically, we don’t have to do shit. All we need to do was dress comfy, got some snacks and enjoyed the clear night sky to look for stars and enjoy the crackling sound and smell of the firewood without getting our hands dirty. C’est la vie!

As you can see me in this picture, I got into my onesie and enjoy the firepit. It’s perfect for peeps like me who doesn’t know how to start a fire pit (sshh!!! It’s a secret that I don’t know how to setup my own firepit. LOL).

Pet Friendly:

One of the best parts about staying at Long Point Eco is that it’s pet friendly. Portia got to stay in the Deluxe Pod with us. We can walk her around in the big outdoor areas on premise. There is also a dog friendly area at the Marshview Patio that we can dine and enjoy the view of the marshland.

This is a major plus for peeps who couldn’t find any dog sitter and would prefer to bring along their pets with them at Long Point Eco.

This was Portia’s 1st glamping experience and she enjoyed it very much!

Central Parking Lot:

In terms of parking, there was a big central parking lot where the guests leave their vehicles during their stays. You won’t be able to park your vehicle right beside your pods, so, you do have to carry your own luggage and belongings and walk to the pods. So I recommend you try to pack your stuff within reason and do not over pack or else you may have to make a number of back and forth trips between your pods and the parking lot.

Below is a list of activities that we had done during our stay at Long Point Eco Adventures. Click on the links below to view more articles that interest you. Enjoy!

Long Point Eco Adventures – St. Williams, Ontario, Canada
Address: 1730 Front Rd., St. Williams, ON. N0E1P0
Phone: 1-877-743-8687

Do you want to experience glamping at Long Point Eco Adventures? Click here to plan and book for your visit.

Our glamping experience was provided by Long Point Eco Adventures. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.


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