Godzilla – Director Gareth Edwards in Toronto


This past Thursday, although, the weather wasn’t cooperating, it was raining quite a bit. But that didn’t stop Godzilla fans from standing around the barricades to meet director of this blockbuster movie, Gareth Edwards. First, he let the TV media to interview him first. One-by-one, he answered the TV Hosts’ questions. Mad respect to the TV Crew staff who works in this industry, they were standing in the cold and wet rain for more than 2 hours and protecting their high quality expensive equipment in order to capture the footage to share with their audiences.

After the interviews, Gareth greeted the fans who were soaking wet, waiting patiently to seek his autographs, taking a photo with him or just to talk to him. At one point, the meet & greet was cut short as Gareth is late to attend the advanced screening of the movie at the AMC Theatre at Dundas Square. But a twist of turn, Gareth told his PR that he would like to stay just a little bit longer to greet the fans and then he decided to come back and signed more autographs, took more photos (including myself) with everyone, including little kids. He was a friendly, sincere gentleman who really appreciates the fans and took the time to interact with the fans.

Best of luck to Gareth in his career and hope for a huge boxoffice score in the theatre which Godzilla is currently playing!

Below are some photos that I took during Director Gareth Edwards meet and greet with the Godzilla fans:

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