Grillmarkadurinn – Reykjavik, Iceland (Tasting Menu)


During our last leg of our vacation, we decided to make a stop over from Southhampton, United Kingdom and flew over to Reykjavik, Iceland for a few days using Wow Air. We decided to try the tasting menu at Grillmarkadurinn.

GrillmarkadurinnAs many peeps may know, the food in Iceland is very expensive!!!!!!!!! When I say expensive, it’s really expensive, hence the many exclamation marks that you see from my previous sentence. However, although simple typical food items are relatively super expensive in Iceland, we found that there is a somewhat of a ceiling on how much Iceland restaurants charge for tasting menu. If a simple fish n chips with a fish stew and a pint of beer costed us $60 CDN/person, a 8-course tasting menu at Grillmarkadurinn at around $125 CDN/person isn’t too bad at all. That’s because tasting menu in Toronto, Canada averages about the same or as high as $200 CDN/person. So, we figured that in order to really experience the local ingredients from Iceland, we have to try its tasting menu so that we have an overall picture of its culinary skills in Iceland. And trust me, the tasting menu are in generous portions that you will be guarantee to be full.

img_1190Address: 2A, Lækjargata, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
Phone: +354 571 7777

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