Haute Goat 2.0 – June – Port Hope, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


Last year, my crew member and I went on a Press Trip to Port Hope, Ontario and we had tons of fun. I recalled it was some time in March, it was still a bit cold but the winter activities in Port Hope was super fun and relaxing. One of the outdoor activities that we enjoyed very much was visiting the Haute Goat. It’s a farm that has many cute goats along with alpacas.

Fast forward to this year’s month of June, Port Hope Tourism invited us again for another adventurous Press Trip that involved more outdoor activities. And guess what? We were visiting Haute Goat once again. To tell you the truth, it never gets old visiting Haute Goat over and over again coz it offers so many new experience every single time.

For this Port Hope Press Trip, Mazda Canada was kind enough to granted us with the 2019 Mazda MX5 RF, which has a power retractable roof. With the June warm temperature, the open air was a perfect match. It was very fun driving with manual stick shift driving on many twisty roads. The smell of the flowers, trees, grass added the overall experience of a “Country Life” road trip.

Haute Goat offers so many activities for visitors from goat yoga (yes, you heard it right) to goat walking on a leash, goat shmurgles and alpaca walking. This time, we did goat walking and goat shmurgles.

What is goat shmurgles? Well….based on the Haute Goat website, one of its visitors described “shmurgles” as “the joyful sound your heart makes when you snuggle a baby goat“. I concur on this statement as I love snuggle a baby goat. The baby goat weighs and looks like a small dog. They are fun to hang around with, the staff will give you some special plant leaves to feed them and you can pose photos with them. They won’t bite. It’s especially perfect for children to hug and snuggle with them.

The goat walking was very relaxing and it’s not overly physical challenging, it’s a very light walk that is suitable for most of the people who are physically able. In particular, I really enjoyed the moment when the staff open the gates and all of these 15+ goats all came out in style and start walking along the trail.

I noticed another separate group signed up for alpaca walking. Imagine these cute alpaca on leashes and you get to walk with them. How often do you get such an unique experience?

The Screaming Goat Cafe – Inside the Haute Goat

After all the walking, shmurgles with the goats, it’s time to grab lunch. The Screaming Goat Cafe located in the new building this year. The Café is now open for lunch, snacks and special events from Wednesday to Sunday, 10am-4pm. The Chefs in residence Rob Hogg and Alicia Ricci of “Nosh + Nourish” are creating fresh, playful dishes inspired by our seasons and local ingredients. I have to say, having this cafe here in Haute Goat is a great idea and super welcoming. Coz in the past, after visiting the Haute Goat, you have to go elsewhere to grab food and drinks. But now, with the cafe, we can enjoy the view, the patio experience and enjoy fresh delicious food and beverage.

The quality of the food are very delicious. The chefs carefully put the food on the plate and create a beautiful plating presentation. We ordered the vegetable soup along with the chicken wrap and grill cheese wrap. All food items were freshly prepared and super delicious. I highly recommend the Screaming Goat Cafe.

Did you know…….Haute Goat also offers BnB experience? If you want to stay in a farm setting, experiencing farm animals, the outdoors, you can stay for the night or two here at Haute Goat.

Overall, it was another wonderful visit at Haute Goat. Perhaps next time, I would like to stay at the BnB at Haute Goat and walk an alpaca on a leash.

Haute Goat
Website: HauteGoat.com
Address: 1166 5th line, Newtonville, ON L0A 1J0
Phone: (416) 402-8144

Special thank you to the Municipality of Port Hope and Tourism of Port Hope for having us and for arranging the Haute Goat Tour during this press trip.

The Tour was provided by the Haute Goat. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.


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