Here Kitty Kitty Speakeasy Cocktail Bar – Famous Foods Street Eats (Inside Resorts World) – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


*NOTE: If you want surprises and doesn’t want to know all the secrets about this Here Kitty Kitty Speakeasy Bar, then you should STOP reading further at this point. You still have time right now to minimize this particular MoVernie BLOG. Otherwise, read on to learn more about how this Here Kitty Kitty Speakeasy bar works inside the Resorts World.

Welcome to the Famous Food Street Eats, located right inside the Resorts World, one of the newest hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Inspired by the energetic street markets of Southeast Asia, Famous Foods Street Eats features a curated collection of pan-Asian eateries mixed with other cultural cuisine that are managed by award-wining chefs from around the country. This new-age culinary concept elevates your dining experience from digital cashless ordering of food & drinks from a state-of-the-art key pads everywhere around the street eats to foodie hoping from one place to another.

In this MoVernie BLOG, follow along our foodie hopping exploring and tasting a number of these food vendors located in this new Famous Food Street Eats!

First up, it’s the Here Kitty Kitty.

If you like cocktails and luv Speakeasy Bar, Here Kitty Kitty is a place for you. This bar is so discretely tucked behind the shelves of the Ms. Meow’s Mamak Stall, that if no one tells you about this secret spot, you would have walked many times passing this convenience store without knowing its existence. Now, that’s what I called a nicely built Speakeasy Bar.

In my opinion, a proper Speakeasy bar should have a nice list of tasty and photogenic cocktails. Plus, it should be tucked away that no one knows where the bar is. Sound proof is another KEY, if you can hear people laughing or music blasted standing from outside, you know it’s an EPIC Fail.

Here Kitty Kitty does every component right. You need to give the staff a password when you approach at the Ms. Meow’s Mamak Stall. You have to say “Hello Kitty Kitty”. Then, the friendly staff will ask you how many people and you have to wait for your turn. Most people would think you are waiting to buy snacks, apparel or other beverages around this convenience store, no one would think you are actually waiting to get inside the Speakeasy Bar.

When it’s your turn, the shelve holding all the moving kitty displays will open and you walk through a dark space and eventually being seated either at the high bar stools near the mixologists or a small table with sofa seating.

Depending on the size of your group, they should be able to accommodate you group accordingly. The secret space could sit approximately about 25-35 patrons. The place is chic, modern, fancy yet nostalgic showcasing all the ancient classic Asian posters and advertisements of the good ol’ days of China and other parts of the Asian countries.

The lovely server came by and asked us what we like to drink. There is no drink menu, but instead, based on what we feel like, the mixologists can make some cocktails based on our preferences. I luv bars where there are no set drink menu as it puts the mixologists to test on how knowledgeable they are with the spirits, taste buds and ingredients being combined to make tasty drinks. ONLY good mixologists would be able to challenge themselves each night to make a variety of drinks. This also means that….no one will get the same drink every time.

The server asked each of us the following questions:

a. What spirits do you like to drink? Would that be vodka/gin/tequila/rum, etc.?

I chose gin as I luv gin.

b. Next, what type of flavour would you like to taste? Would it be sour/sweet/bitter/fruity, etc.?

I chose any cocktail with egg white and elderflower.

And that’s it! You then just wait for your surprise drink to appear. From the ingredients and information, the mixologist will put to the test to create a drink that they think you may like. Now, I had similar experience in a bar located in my home city, Toronto. It’s called “Civil Liberties“. From my own experience, most of the time, the mixologists will be able to create a nice surprise drink every time. I haven’t have one drink that I didn’t like during my many visits. However, you do have to be open minded and be adventurous about it coz if you don’t like surprises, then you can order the typical standard drinks such as gin & tonic, old fashioned or a pint of beer, beverages that you know what you are getting from your past experiences.

MoVernie TIP: To really fully enjoy this “No Drink Menu” experience, I highly recommend you to order 2 or 3 drinks so that each time, the mixologists can gather more feedback from your previous drinks and can make even better cocktails based on your feedback. For example, if my 1st drink is egg white and gin. After I indulged the 1st drink, I can relate to the mixologists of what I like or dislike about his 1st creation, then the 2nd or 3rd drinks would even be better since the mixologists had a better sense of what you like to drink.

NOTE: Please drink responsibly and don’t drink & drive.

Description from the Resorts World website:Experience an elegantly grunge speakeasy discretely tucked away in Famous Foods offering guests a laidback hangout and an expertly crafted mixology program inspired by the Prohibition Era with a Singaporean twist. Here Kitty Kitty beckons visitors into a hidden world of sin.

Here Kitty Kitty Speakeasy Cocktail Bar – Famous Foods Street Eats (Inside Resorts World) – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Cuisine: Speakeasy cocktails
Address: 3000 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109


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