Highlights – Photos – Air Canada’s First Airbus A220 Aircraft Open House Event – Montreal, Quebec


This morning, I was at the Air Canada A220 Open House Event at the Air Canada Headquarter here in Montreal, Quebec. During this event, the media got to meet with the Air Canada executives, pilots, engineering design team, the flight attendants and the people who work on this new aircraft.

Best yet, we got a chance to go inside the aircraft to tour the entire plane, from the cockpit, the washroom, business class seats, economy seats and all aspects of the cabin. This A220 aircraft is a beauty. It’s built in Quebec, which means it’s made in Canada! Very proud.

The A220 offers lots of state-of-the-art technology for the pilots to fly the plane. It offers a modern and much improved cabin space and decor. The economy seats are wider (good news for the passengers). More carry on bin spaces, modern design washrooms, cabin noise reduction, new infotainment system, the plane uses less fuel, etc. These are just some of the highlights of this new aircraft.

I will share a more in-depth experience of the A220 at a later time. But first, let me show you some of the highlights of this event with you below showing you the inside and outside of this beautiful aircraft.

Special thank you to Air Canada for inviting me to Montreal, Quebec for this special event.



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