Hockey Hall of Fame Classics – Life as a TV Host


As a child, I watched Doug Gilmour & Mats Sundin and other Leafs players do their magic on the ice. But never in my mind that I would be able to interview them. I am still soaking in my experience at yesterday’s Hockey Hall of Fame Classics game. I was standing there outside the dressing room, seeing the hockey great coming in to the ACC wearing nice suits and then transformed into hockey players, getting ready for the pre-game warm up.

My most memorable moment came when I stepped onto the ACC ice surface, walking near the centre ice, seeing the entire players’ introductions with fireworks and flames and other cool visual effects. Standing on the ice alongside the Leafs lineup such as Gilmour, Cujo and Wendel were just an unforgettable experience. They are my idols and definitely great people. We chatted a bit and just all smiles on everybody’s face.

As the inductee ceremony began, we saw one-by-one, Pavel Bure, Adam Oates, Joe Sakic & Mats Sundin taking off their suits and put on the hockey hall of fame jackets and watches. It was such an experience to witness this special moment.

Here are other highlights of my interviewing experiences at the Hockey Hall of Fame:

– pat Pavel Bure’s left shoulder as he was leaving after the game

– high-fived Adam Oates as he came back from the first period

– interviewed new hall-of-famer, Joe Sakic, a true class-act and gentleman who answered all of my questions

– Special shoutout to Darcy Tucker who promised to give me an interview after the game and he was true to his words, coming over and let me ask him questions, I am thankful.

– interviewed Dougie Gilmour and a short period of time with Mats Sundin

– watched the game behind the glass, right behind Curtis Joseph’s net

– sat on the player’s bench and just observe the player’s perspective on the ice

– saw all the NHL greats up-close was quite an experience

It was a great memory for being able to be part of this epic event.

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