Hockey Hall of Fame – Toronto


Do you like hockey? As you know, hockey is a popular past-time sport in Canada. Hockey Hall of Fame is located at the heart of the Toronto downtown core, just a few blocks from the Air Canada Centre, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Today, I decided to check out the Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF). The last time I visited HHOF was 4 years ago after my vacation to Vancouver during the Winter Olympics. I still remembered the precious “Lucky Toonie” that won us the men’s hockey gold medal with the famous overtime goal scored by Sidney Crosby.

Although HHOF isn’t a super big place but it has multi-levels of exhibits that are very interesting. I learned more about the history and the legends of the game with their displays and their biographies, etc. I got to check out the various NHL trophies that were given out every year to the top NHL performers! I even posed a photo with the Stanley Cup trophy. There was also a replica of the Montreal Canadiens locker room, featuring some of the all-time Habs players such as Bob Gainey, Ken Dryden and Patrick Roy, etc.

I also got to test out my NHL knowledge with their computerized trivia games that I could have a friendly competition among my friends. If you want to test out your hockey skills, they had stimulation goalie and slapshot games that you can showoff your skills. There were 3 different hockey levels: Rookie, Pro and All-Star levels. I opted for the all-star level and I did quite well, making 4 out of 5 possible saves in the stimulation game.

Also remember to check out it’s latest Hockey Hall of Fame Film called “Stanley’s Game Seven – 3D” which combines a stunning mix of original live action, computer generated 3D animation, and classic archival footage of some of the most renowned playoff moments in Stanley Cup history.

Since I have my own MoVernie on the MOVE show, testing out my play-by-play hockey game calling at the TSN Broadcast section would be fun. They had a number of short video clips that showed some of the highlighted hockey moments. I chose a few of them and made some voice-over clips. Although I held my own and did a decent job in the game calling, but trust me, it ain’t easy to call the entire game. Mad respect to those talented play-by-play announcers around the nation.

I enjoyed my time at the Hockey Hall of Fame and would highly recommend my followers to visit it the next time you travel to Toronto.

For more information about the Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF), please click here.

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