Honda Dealership Shibaura – Honda Civic Type-R + Honda NSX: Tokyo, Japan


Sometimes, by not planning where to visit during trips could bring some interesting results and experiences. For example, after waking up and enjoyed a nice breakfast at Kasa restaurant, located inside the Pullman Tokyo (where I stayed), I decided to take a walk to familiarize myself around the area of Tamachi. After walking through a big park, walked around the residential area, I came across a Honda Dealership.

What’s interesting was that, there was a brand new white Honda Civic Type-R parking outside the dealership. As any automotive enthusiast knows, Honda Civic Type-R is a hot car with lots of power and a classis Japanese tradition to the Type-R badge. So, I decided to walk inside the dealership and check out more. The first car that I spotted right at the entrance of the dealership was the Honda NSX in red.

In North America, the model is labelled as “Acura NSX”, but in Japan, it’s labelled as “Honda NSX”. So, it’s quite cool to see the NSX in a Honda badge plus checking out its cockpit and dashboard in a right-handed drive layout. In Japan, cars are right handed.

The staff inside the dealership were very polite, smile, bow and asked me if I need anything. I told them I was just browsing. When I walked out the dealership, it turned out the owner of the Civic Type-R started the car’s engine and ready to leave. I just decided to take our my smartphone, snapped the photos of him driving off the lot. It’s quite cool and timely to witness someone who just drove off a brand new hot car in Japan.

Honda Dealership Shibaura – Tokyo, Japan
Address: 1-6-4 Shibaura, Minato, Tokyo 105-0023, Japan
Phone: +81 3-3456-5211


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