Interview with Mazda Canada President Kory Koreeda on the Car of the Year Award


On February 13 morning at the Canadian International Auto Show Media Press Day, the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) announced Mazda6 as the Car of the Year for 2014. Mazda Canada President, Kory Koreeda received the award and made a thank you speech to the crowd.

As AJAC‘s webpage stated “The Car of the Year award’s primary purpose is to provide consumers with sound, objective, comparative data on which to base their new vehicle buying decisions.” This award is well-respected in the industry and it’s an important recognition that helps promote the car by the company with this award.

After the award ceremony, I got a chance to interview Kory Koreeda about the importance of receiving this award as a whole for the his Mazda company.

Interview Conversation: MoVernie and Kory Koreeda (President of Mazda Canada Inc.)


Kory Koreeda:


Congratulations for winning the Car of the Year for Mazda6

Thank you so much

What does it means to you and your company to have two of your cars being in the top 3 nominations for the Car of the Year award? means alot to our business as a brand because we worked very hard to build a distinctive brand in Canada. And winning two categories means alot to us.

And you mentioned about the SkyActiv technology as well as the design of the fluidity of the design, how important and the signal to your company that you further going to use this technology to other models?

Well…we want to use the technology as well as the design team for the new cars to be introduced (with this technology) from here and onwards. And this was a showcase to our technology and design and winning this award means alot to our future products.

So, giving you more confidence to continue to use this technology?

Of course, of course

One last question, how heavy was the award (Car of the Year) when you were holding it?

Hahaha (big happy laugh), hahah, it was very heavy. hahaha, it was heavy because it represented all the effort of all the people working at Mazda.

Congratulations to Mazda once again for winning the AJAC Car of the Year honor with its Mazda6 family sedan! And MoVernie is outta here!





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