Jackpot Chicken Rice – Hainanese Chicken

Jackpot Chicken Rice - Toronto

Welcome to Jackpot Chicken Rice, located in Chinatown, Toronto

Hainanese Chicken is a popular food item that many people love to eat. Why is it so yummy? The way the chicken is being made is usually very tender and juicy. The rice are not your typical steam rice, chefs often add the chicken oil and fat and steam with the rice, giving it a rich flavour. Adding scallion and ginger sauce to the chicken and rice make this dish a very tasty one. However, finding a good restaurant that serves this food dim difficult in Toronto as not many chefs know how to properly prepare it. And even if they prepare this dish, it’s not easy to make it tasty. I know a few restaurants uptown that know how to make this dish but in downtown, it’s next to zero that I can find the proper restaurant.

In comes Jackpot Chicken Rice, located in Chinatown, Toronto to fill the void. Jackpot Chicken Rice is under the same owner, Chef Wong, who also owns Patois. At Jackpot, Chef Wong has taken all the favourite features of the dish from all of the versions and made their own Jackpot Chicken Rice.

MoVernie Fun Fact: Why is it called “Hainanese Chicken“? The way this dish is made is originated from the tropical island province of Hainan, in southern China.

Jackpot Chicken Rice - Toronto

Hainanese Chicken that comes with winter melon soup + scallion & ginger sauce + spicy sauce

At Jackpot, I ordered the Hainan Chicken Rice that comes with winter melon soup and also comes with the scallion ginger sauce. The spicy hot sauce and cucumber and carrot slices were also part of the combo. To me, the Rice is KEY, every grain of the Rice should have the Chicken oil and the texture shouldn’t be super soggy but with great aroma and flavour. By adding an extra $2, you also get crispy Chicken skin. Highly recommend it. $2 well spent as the crispy skin are tasty!

Jackpot Chicken Rice - Toronto

Add extra $2 and you get crispy chicken chips. Highly recommended

MoVernie Tip: At Jackpot Chicken arrive, it’s worthy to pay extra to order the secret XO sauce. It’s addictive!.

Chef Craig  gave me this soy sauce egg to try. I enjoyed it very much. It was actually my favourite item! Just look at how glaze and glowing the egg yolk was. The soy sauce on the egg was flavourful and not overpowering which I prefer. The egg yolk was so juicy and tender. It’s a perfectly poached soy sauce egg. A MoVernie MUST ORDER item.

Jackpot Chicken Rice

318 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, On
M5T 2E7

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Jackpot Chicken Rice - Toronto

Left: Dark Soy Sauce; Bottom Right Corner: Secret XO Sauce

Jackpot Chicken Rice - Toronto

Winter melon soup that comes with the Hainanese Chicken

Jackpot Chicken Rice - Toronto

Soy sauce egg

Jackpot Chicken Rice - Toronto

Close up on the Hainanese Chicken


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