Kia Gear Up: Day 2 – Delicious Spanish Cuisine Food Truck


After our fun Go-Kart experience, we hopped back to the coach bus and headed back to the training facility to grab some lunch before we go through our next exercise. As you all know, I am a foodie and I love food! So, the moment I realized that Kia Motors hired a personal chef and her culinary team to prepare their dishes in a food truck for us, I was super excited! What better way to try the local Spanish cuisine in an outdoor setting with beautiful high stools, tables and cabanas? It was a great sunny day to enjoy a nice lunch.

The food truck was a cute ancient classic vehicle. It had a big opening for the chef to serve us food. There were signage around the vehicle so we knew what food items were being served. Outside the truck, there was a table that neatly displayed all kinds of delicious food for us to try. There were the famous Spanish seafood paella, gazpacho (cold soup), croquette (mashed potatoes with veggies or meat), big beef burger, dessert, fruit cup and much much more. FYI, I tasted them all.

Let me tell you, sometimes in an outdoor venue, it’s hard to provide delicious hot food. Most often, catering service just delivered the food and that’s about it. Usually, the catered food weren’t tasty or it’s just plain cold. Not Kia Motors, they thoughtfully hired a personal chef that could cook food on the spot and more importantly, provide Spanish cuisine for our Global Ambassadors who were coming from all parts of the world to try. That was a 5-star service, definitely a nice touch!  Thanks Kia Motors!

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