Kia Gear Up Event in Barcelona, Spain – Day 1 (Tour around the city)


The Kia Gear Up event was a 4 days, 3 nights trip to Barcelona, Spain, that consists lots of fun and adventurous activities for the global ambassadors to experience. Since Toronto has a Victoria long weekend last week, I had requested to stay for 2 extra days so that I can get to know Barcelona alot more and a chance for me to gather more content and share with my followers and audiences.

For starters, I am going to share my Kia Gear Up daily itinerary with you so that you get a glimpse of the fun activities that I got to experience throughout this entire trip. My daily itinerary will be organized as Kia Gear Up event Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 & Day 5. In the later weeks, you will have a chance to read my in-depth, detailed MoVernie BLOG on all the activities and the happenings throughout this Kia Gear Up event.

By sharing the photos and captions, I hope everyone can get a sense of what’s it like at the Kia Gear Up event and feel as if you are participating the fun activities with me ūüôā

Let’s begin this Kia Gear Up journey, shall we? As Kia Motors slogan states, “The Power to Surprise!

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Worked really hard at the office and then finished up my work and headed to the Toronto Pearson Airport. The Digital and Social Media Manager met up with me and we grabbed a bite before we boarded a red eye flight to Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona! See you in 8 hours! Here we go!



Coke with ice on my Air Canada direct flight from Toronto to Barcelona.


Dinner was served on the Air Canada flight with bread, cream of chicken, corn salad, a dessert cake and a bottle of water.



After flying in the air for approximately 8 hours, we have arrived at Barcelona Airport! The Barcelona Airport was huge, modern, clean and technological advanced. The airport made me felt so welcome already!


The moment I got out of the airport gate, the whole Kia Production Crew greeted us. There was the Director, Producer, TV Host (whom interviewed me at the airport) and along with 10-12 Photographers and Videographers. I felt like a celebrity already ūüôā Then, a stylish Kia Sportage (SUV) parked at the VIP area to pick us up from the airport to the hotel.


Yup, they start filming and taking pictures of me inside the Kia Sportage from the Barcelona Airport to the 5-Star Grand Central Barcelona Hotel.


Representing the 6ixSide Clothing (Toronto). Making sure I look good before I get filmed, lol.


Welcome to the 5-Star Grand Central Barcelona Hotel, where I will be staying. I can’t wait to check out my own room and the sky rooftop with an infinity swimming pool ūüôā


Camera crew taking pictures and recording footage of me at the entrance of the hotel.


Checking into the hotel and awaits my access key from the concierge. During this time, cameraman from behind the concierge desk; in front of me and on the side of me are taking more photos. They were everywhere which I enjoyed the experience alot and feeling quite comfortable with the paparazzi.


Once I got my hotel access card, I was guided by the Kia Production Crew to enter a VIP Conference Room to conduct my first initial interivew.


After the initial interview, I was tired but yet curious of what my hotel looks like.


Once inside, there was a big mirror leaning against the wall and on the other side, it’s a wall that separates the closet area with the entrance.


My comfy bed with lots of pillows. This room looked very modern, chic and comfortable. There were power blinds at the window with flat screen TV.


This area was my favourite because it’s a semi-open closet area to put all of my clothes and luggage. Even the coat rack has “Grand Central” labelled on them. I also really appreciate the electronic safe box to put my valuables in there.


Once I pushed the opaque glass door and I would see the toilet and glass shower stall. It’s quite a good organized concept to the bathroom.


Here was the sink with bright lights on the mirrors. They also gave me flip-flops which not all hotels provided that, so it was a nice touch!


Went up to the top floor and here was the rooftop patio with a nice view of city of Barcelona. The infinity swimming pool really elevated the vibe and the mood at this rooftop.


Here was the view of the rest of the rooftop, with sofas, cabanas and stretched sunbathing chairs.


The classy Grand Central Hotel Lobby


There were two elevators but this was the main elevator with glass doors.


Since all the Global Ambassadors were arriving at different times during the entire day, this day was like a “free-time” day. So, Kia Canada Social Manager and I walked around the city to get to know more about Barcelona. Beautiful weather by the way!


Every block of Barcelona felt historic, all the buildings were nicely maintained and it’s a good scene.


Ordered this tapas combo, which included a pint of regular size of beer and 3 choices of tapas. I chose the tuna salad, the olive & potato salad a plate of bread, fried potatoes and a sausage. All for $8.95 Euros. I think it’s a good price.



I got to pose with some historic churches and buildings.


This was a super market called Mercat de Santa Catering. Somewhat like a St. Lawrence Market with seafood, fresh meat and vegetables and other goodies.


Some fresh seafood inside the mercat. I had never seen this type of fish before.


We decided to check out the Picasso Museum, which is highly recommended. Lots to see and checking out the history of Pcasso. #MoVernieApproved


After strolling the city and spending time at the Picasso Museum, decided to take a siesta break with a glass of wine and some more tapas. In case you wonder, tapas is basically a term to describe a small plate of appetizers for people to share, so the group gets to try a little bit of everything. These were what the Spanish referred as Croquette. A croquette is a small breadcrumbed fried food roll containing, usually as main ingredients, mashed potatoes and/or ground meat,


I am fly’in in the Spain with my woes! ūüôā Peeps should know me by now that I love to pose “jumping” shots!


Beautiful Citadel Park. Just look at the gorgeous golden sculptures!


Another historical landmark.


This is the well-known famous Sagrada Fam√≠lia. I told my peeps that if you can only visit one place in Barcelona, you have to visit this. That’s because once you visited this place, it means you have visited Barcelona.

FullSizeRender (1)

After all the nice walking touring the city, I got a nice hot shower at my 5-star hotel, then off we went to the restaurant to meet other Global Ambassadors. This Kia GearUp backdrop looked good at the entrance of the restaurants, easier for us to find the spot.



We didn’t know which restaurant we were going so it turned out this restaurant was located beside the mercat that we visited a few hours earlier, that was cool!


Introducing and meeting other awesome Global Ambassadors. We had a total of 13 Kia Global Ambassadors, so it’s a very Exclusive VIP Group. They came from Panama, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Italy, Spain, China, South Korea, France and of course Canada.



Lovely fresh salad, just some of the items that we ate that night.


Awesome creamy rice.


These were my buddies. On my left, his name is Silvio, he had lots of talent because he was my tour guide, my assistant, my buddy who took care of me for the entire trip. On my right, his name is Andrew, he is the Social Media Manager of Kia Canada and accompanied me from Toronto all the way to Barcelona. I developed a great friendship with both and I thank both of them for their kindness and assistance. Everyday, I was going through different activities and being on camera or video at all times. They took care of me and making sure everything was fine. That sense of peace of mind was greatly appreciated. As Silvio often said “Coool!”. LOL


After a great meal, I went back to the hotel and sleep. That’s because I worked a full 8 hours, then flew a red-eye & didn’t sleep and went sightseeing, finally, my body took a toll and wanted some rest.

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And MoVernie is outta here!




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