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Since my plane ride to Barcelona, Spain was an evening flight, I had to pack my luggage the night before. So, I checked the weather and thankfully, the week ahead in Barcelona was sunny all the way. Most importantly, the temperature in early May was reasonably warm but not super super hot, which I am cool with.

I packed lots of tees, shorts, a light jacket, my shampoo and conditioner, AXE products and most importantly, I brought along a Jose Calderon Raptors jersey. I know Jose Calderon lives in Spain and for some reason, my inner voice told me to bring it along, so I did! You got to listen to your inner voice!


The Kia Gear-up Campaign is a 4-day-3-night trip to Barcelona, Spain. Since that weekend was a Victoria Long Weekend, I had requested to stay a few days longer so that I can sightsee and really know more about this country. I felt that if I don’t get a chance to walk around and really get to know this city, I don’t think I would learn about what this country has to offer. So, Kia Motors was very understanding, they had extended and re-scheduled my flight. Although, I had to find my own hotel accommodations for those extra nights, I was very gladly doing that and appreciate Kia Motors for accommodating my request with no issues what-so-ever.

And let me clarify that Kia Motors would have gladly paid for my extra stay if the hotel rates were reasonable. But since they had nicely placed us in a 5-star hotel during the Kia Gear Up campaign, an extra night at the 5-star Grand Central hotel would have cost them an extra of $1000 CDN, which to them and even to me, made no sense and can’t be justified of my extra stay in that hotel. Thus, I told them, I am grateful of their kind re-schedule of my flight so I totally don’t mind finding my own hotel for the two extra nights. I had to clarify this point because I don’t want you guys to think Kia was being cheap or anything. Even I wouldn’t think a hotel would cost $1000/night, so even I wouldn’t pay for myself at such a high rate. So, I booked my two extra nights at Hotel Curious. Judging from its name, I was super CURIOUS! No pun intended. LOL

After I had packed up my belongings, I had decided to roll into my bed for a very good night sleep. Mind you, I had decided to go to work that day, working really hard and ensure that my colleagues know exactly what projects I was working on and where I left off. To me, I love my colleagues, I love my work and I love my job. It’s all about being responsible and work hard and party hard, that’s always part of my motto and I talk the talk, walk the walk.

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