Kitchen M 名廚坊 – HK Style Cafe



Kitchen M 名廚坊

Chinese style “hot ying yang” hot beverage. Basically, half milk tea and half coffee combined

Kitchen M 名廚坊 is located in Markham, near the intersection between Highway 7 & McCowan Road. It’s a HK Style Cafe, which means it serves a large variety of asian food, from breakfast to “Har Ng Chai” to soup noodles to congee, etc.

It’s definitely jam packed from morning to evening since it serves so many asian items throughout the day.

In particular, I like it’s lunch and brunch menu, especially afternoon tea (Har Ng Chai), which serves from 2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. These special “Har Ng Chai” items include a hot beverage during this particular time period.

This place is modern, clean and is spacious for a HK Style Cafe standards, that’s because its predecessor was once being used as Japanese all-you-can-eat (AYCE) but now converted as Kitchen M. I would say the staff are quite attentive and most speak good/decent English that could serve you and recommend you with good food suggestions. Almost every table has the “Korean Style” ringer, which you can press a button for service or press the button for the bill. The ringer is super helpful especially Kitchen M is such a spacious place that sometimes finding a staff around maybe an issue.

I like the morning combo that serves toast, sausage omelette, ham strips on soup macaroni, plus a hot beverage, all for $5.95 before tax. That’s a great deal! Mind you, the soup macaroni is in good portion as well.

Kitchen M 名廚坊

Ham strips on soup macaroni

Personally, I really like its pepper beef sirloin stir fry spaghetti. Good “wok air”, with hot temperature when it arrives to your table. Peppercorn beef sirloin strips are nicely marinated, you can really smell and taste the peppercorn in the beef. I also love the onions, peppers and beansprout. This is a MUST order. If you can’t eat beef, you can ask for pork chop meat instead. Same great taste, but clearly, I do prefer the peppercorn beef sirloin.

Kitchen M 名廚坊

Pepper beef sirloin stir fry spaghetti

Another great food item at Kitchen M is the “Chu Chow” creamy soup rice noodles that come with fish balls, fish sticks and crispy fish skins. Complete package, super tasty. Coupled with its signture chilli oil? Perfecto!

Next time you are around the Markham area, be sure to visit Kitchen M. It’s a perfect spot after shopping at the Markville Mall across the road or grocery shopping at Foody Mart across the intersection.

Kitchen M

8515 McCowan Road
Markham, ON
L3P 5E5
(905) 294-8628

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Kitchen M 名廚坊

Pig feet soup egg noodles

Kitchen M 名廚坊

Kitchen M 名廚坊

Toast with sausage omelette


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